Symmetry exists all around us. If we look around, we will find plenty of examples of symmetrical things: our body, the buildings, pets like cats and dogs, shapes appearing on the screen, etc. These are just a few examples of symmetry in daily life. Symmetry is a perfect, harmonious structure of an object which can be divided into equally shaped and sizes. All these words together come to the mind when considering symmetry because symmetry is a magic and fascinating reflection in terms of biology, geometry, art or even architecture. Here we are going to enjoy wonderful symmetry in nature.

40 Pictures of Amazing Symmetry in Nature

Symmetry in nature is more than we can think. If we just pay a little attention to our daily life, there will be more wonderful and magic symmetric scenes manifesting themselves in front of us. Here we list 40 pictures of symmetric wonders from various aspects. Just click the one you like best to start the journey of enjoyment!


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