AdChoices is a kind of advertisements provided by Google, aiming at making the ads focus on the requirements of the user. For example, you are interested in a digital camera and search it on Google in order to get more information on this one, then you'll see ads about the current sale for digital cameras. Actually, the purpose of AdChoices is to improve the experience of advertisement – to make the ads more acceptable and useful. However, many people still don't accept this kind of advertisement. Also, the AdChoices can exposure your browsing habit in a way. If you want to have a clear webpage experience, then it is necessary to remove the AdChoices ads. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer, the default browser of Windows, cannot finish the work. You need to use Chrome, Firefox or other browser which can support extensions to remove the AdChoices ads. Here are the steps on how to remove AdChoices ads in Chrome with extension "AdBlock".

Steps - How to Remove AdChoices Ads in Chrome


Let's start with a webpage with AdChoices ads shown in the picture below.


I'd like to use Chrome and its extension "AdBlock" to remove the ads. If you are still using Internet Explorer, click here to open the homepage for Google Chrome. Click on the blue button "Download Chrome" in the webpage to download it, and follow the instructions to install it.


Open Chrome and move your mouse over the icon "≡" and click on it. Select "Tools" in the pop-up menu and then click on "Extensions" in the following menu.


Click on the blue underlined text "Get more extensions".


Type "adblock" in the search box in the left column and press "Enter" in the keyboard. Find "AdBlock" in the search result in the left column under the title "Extensions". Click on the blue button "+ FREE" belongs to AdBlock.


Click on the button "Add" to continue.


Then you'll see the icon of AdBlock near the icon "≡".


Now when you open a webpage containing AdChoices ads, the advertisements will be removed automatically. You can see the amount of the removed ads in the icon of AdBlock.

  • The function of "AdBlock" and "AdBlock Plus" are very similar and both of them are free. You can select any one of them.
  • The "AdBlock" and the "AdBlock Plus" are also effective in Firefox. Don't hesitate to install one to say goodbye to annoying advertisement.

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