Mathematics is described as king of art and queen of science. If you practise it, you will feel it’s an art and it is the key element behind every science. If you go into the depth of anything you will surely find maths. Its depth is portrayed by its most basic concept; it starts with zero and ends to infinity. Facing the problem is nature of mathematics, to some this unique nature is challenging and to others it may be exhausting. Each and every line describing the maths could be a reason for some to go for it, passionately and others to go against it, reluctantly.

Here are some well researched reasons for you to pamper and support your love/hate for this controversial as well as epic subject!

Part 1


Terrible Teachers

This is the most obvious yet most neglected reason for most of us to hate this art and science. Sit for a while and think about the mathematics teachers you came across in your life till now. Your interest in the subject is to some extent reflection of your elementary school teacher’s effort to develop your interest in the subject. Most of the children develop this love/hate for the subject at elementary level due to their teacher’s attitude. Mathematics teacher are always a master piece when compare, in some case quite weird than other teachers. Some fail to develop interest of students at elementary level and some higher level teacher think of themselves too smart and hence are too arrogant to offer helping hand to student.


Your Perfection in the Subject is enough to tag you Brainy!

Every associated rule of mathematics covers several associated problems with it. Mathematics enhances your problem solving skills. It gives food for thought to your brain. As exercise is mandatory to stay healthy similarly mathematics is must to sharpen your brain. This popular perceptions associated with mathematics have brought a unique stature for the persons excellent it. Mathematics is serving as a screening procedure to test the aptitude of the job seeking candidates in most of the organisation. You perfection in this game of number is directly proportional to your intelligence. You perfection in the subject is a stature in the society.


Brain Storming

Mathematics is not as easy as it seems at elementary and high school level. Higher level mathematics introduces differential calculus, transforms and several other concepts which are really hard to understand and implement. St. Augustine stated, “The danger already exists that the mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and to confine man in the bonds of Hell.”


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