If you are planning to have a baby, you may have read a lot of articles about having sex. These articles can be found all over the internet and even on magazines or books. There are also articles about sex after giving birth. However, the idea of having sex during pregnancy is usually kept in the closet. This may be because of the society’s tradition and norms that a pregnant woman must be well taken care of and avoid any activity that may endanger the baby. If you and your partner are having doubts about having sex during pregnancy, this article might be able to enlighten you.

When Should a Pregnant Woman Stop Having Sex?

Most couples worry about having sex while the woman is pregnant, but the truth is, having intimate moments with your loved one even during pregnancy is perfectly normal. Some worry about miscarriage and preterm labor, but these factors can be set aside provided that the woman is having a normal pregnancy. Having sex can be beneficial on a normal pregnancy for it can prevent premature childbirth; and it is also not associated to miscarriages and infections. 

If a woman has a history of water breakage, the doctor may advise you to stop having sex. What are the other cases when a pregnant woman should stop having sex? It is when the woman also has a history of a low lying placenta, bleeding, abdominal pains, weak cervix and genital herpes. If you got infected with genital herpes for the first time during pregnancy, it is less likely that it will affect the baby inside your womb but you will still be advised to stop having sex, even if your partner is the one who has the infection.

Inside your uterus are strong muscles and the amniotic sac which protects your baby, therefore, the little angel on your womb will not get hurt even if your husband is on top of you while having sex. Plus, there is a thick mucus plug on your cervix which adds protection to your baby from infections. You may also feel your baby moving around when you orgasm, but this is because your heart rate is increased, not because your baby is aware of what’s going on.

Which Position for Sex to Choose If You’re Pregnant


For the first trimester

  • T-square: This position is safe until the fourth month. Lie flat on the bed and let your partner lie on his side perpendicular to you forming a t-square.

  • Edge of missionary: This should not be done on the fourth month. Just lie flat on the bed with your knees bent and hanging at the edge of the bed. Your partner may kneel or stand in front of you.


For the second trimester

  • Cowgirl: This position is the same as the “woman on top” position wherein the man lies down and you will be on top of him. This one is good for you because it prevents pressure on your abdomen and you will be in control on the pace and depth of the penetration.

  • Have a seat: This is another position which is almost the same as the cowgirl position. The only difference is that you let your partner sit on a chair and then you must sit on his lap. You can either sit facing him or facing away from him.

  • Perp search: You must do this while standing. Face a wall with your hands and legs spread as if your partner is about to frisk you.


For the third trimester

  • Spoon: Both of you must lie on your sides, with your man at your back. Your legs must be slightly bent and apart while your partner must bend his knees. Press your back to him so that he can enter you from behind.

  • Leap frog: This position is like the “dog style” position but the only difference is that your arms and head must rest on the bed so that you can support your stomach. Another tip for your “When should a pregnant woman stop having sex?” dilemma is if you think that sex is way too risky for your pregnancy, you can always resort to oral sex.

What May Happen During and After Sex?

Men usually feel guilty when the women suddenly feel pain or contractions after sex. But it's unnecessary for most reactions are normal and they are not caused by men but the situation. Here are some details: 

  • After sexual intercourse or even during an orgasm, a woman may feel mild contractions which may last for half an hour, but these contractions are not enough to induce a labor or to cause harm to the baby and the mother. 

  • It is also normal for a pregnant woman to experience uterine spasms during sex. 

  • A woman may feel pain during sexual intercourse if the baby’s head is positioned deep in her pelvis, and there is nothing to worry about this. 

  • Cramps combined with backaches may also occur during and after orgasm, which are all expected and normal.

So, after all the explanation, do you know the answer to "When Should a Pregnant Woman Stop Having Sex?" If you have any further questions, just leave comments below!


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