Doesn’t it always seem like buying presents for guys is so much harder than buying presents for girls? No matter how well you know your man, getting him the perfect gift for an anniversary always feels like a struggle. The pressure is on the first anniversary as well, as you’re setting the standard for all future anniversaries and you don’t want to disappoint him. One good place to start is to have a good look at what his interests are, and go from there. Deduce from your list some good ideas and you’ll figure out what to get boyfriend for one year in no time. If not, here are some ideas!

What to Get Your Boyfriend for One Year


Commissioned Artwork

This is a super creative and thoughtful idea for a gift. Artwork is something that your boyfriend can keep forever, and he will always think of you and your memorable first anniversary whenever he sees it. You can commission all different types of art, from very personal portraits or more vaguely yet romantically connected pieces. If he’s an art lover, this is a super gift!


Dollar Shave Club Subscription

Whether your man’s got a full grown beard, or he keeps himself clean shaven, all men have some facial grooming to do! You can sign your boyfriend up for a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club, where he’ll get a delivery every month of fresh, fancy razors and everything he needs for a well-groomed and handsome face!


Take Him on a Surprise Getaway

Experiences are worth so much more than material presents, especially experiences you can share together. You can take your guy on a surprise trip and create memories that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t even have to be a week-long vacation to a five star resort; instead, you can take just a small day or weekend trip to somewhere you’ve both been talking about going.


Spa Time

Men love a little pampering time just as much as we do, and they particularly love massages. Consider gifting your boyfriend with a trip to the spa where he can enjoy a relaxing day of luxury. Lots of spas have packages for couples in which you can enjoy the day together. At last, treat him to dinner at his favorite steakhouse to wrap up the day.


Print Your Photos

With the use of smartphones and social media, hardly anyone has their photos actually printed these days. If you’re not sure what to get boyfriend for one year anniversary, have an assortment of photos from your first year together printed and display them in a creative way. You can do a framed collage, or even an album that you can add to in the years to come!


His and Hers

A cheeky yet thoughtful way to gift yourself something while also getting something for your man is to get a his and hers set. There are so many things to choose from if you search online. Think about monogrammed coffee mugs, pillow sets, and jewelry. It’s a great way to get your man something personalized without being cheesy.


Paper Roses Bouquet

Tradition states that the gift for one year anniversary should be made from paper. Go for a modern twist on a classic and send your man a bouquet of a dozen paper roses! You can find companies that sell these cute everlasting flowers online.


Bespoke Post Subscription

Another idea from a monthly delivery service is a gift that gives all year long. Agencies like Bespoke Post will send your boyfriend a package of lifestyle accessories specially curated with gifts from all around the world that are worth much more than what you pay for the subscription. Bonus points—shipping is FREE.


Card Case Wallet

If you are really struggling with what to get boyfriend for one year, you can’t really go wrong with a classic wallet as a gift. You can find a trendy slim card case wallet made of fine, rich Italian leather, which will fit perfectly in his back pocket. Have it monogrammed with your man’s initials to make it extra special.


Timeless Watch

Another timeless classic gift for any man in your life, not just your boyfriend, is a sleek and stylish watch. Consider MVMT Watches as the perfect timepiece for your man. They are stylish, sexy and affordable. Giving your boyfriend a watch is a statement that shows how you look up to him and admire his ambition and drive.


Little Love Notes

If you’re on a tight budget but you still want to make your man swoon, hide love notes all around for him to find throughout his day. Start with one on his pillow for when he wakes up, and then another affixed to the bathroom mirror. Put one in the fridge, next to the coffee pot, on his steering wheel… have the notes keep popping up all day long.


Video Games

Boys will always be boys, and boys usually love video games. While it might not be your favorite hobby, scoring him the latest copy of Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed for him will really show him that his happiness is important to you. Suck it up and play a few rounds of games with him to make him feel really loved.


Go for Gourmet

What to get boyfriend for one year? Treat him a great meal. It’s no lie that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So for your anniversary you have two options when it comes to food. You can either whip up a gourmet meal at home with the finest ingredients and pour your heart into the meal, or you can splurge on a fancy dinner at an old favorite spot or somewhere new.



Another way to incorporate the traditional gift of paper for a first anniversary would be to pen a romantic poem for your man. You can then have it put on a gorgeous scroll and packaged in a lovely little wooden box. This thoughtful and romantic gift will be a treasure he’ll remember forever.



If you’ve noticed that his iPhone earbuds are starting to look a bit shabby, why not upgrade him to the coolest sound accessories on the market? Beats by Dre have been making music listeners dreams come true for a while now; he’d surely love a flashy new set of headphones.


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