Our world is surrounded by many unexplained mysteries, which is why ghost stories and theories have been told throughout the known history of the world. Although often researched and studied, many of the following mysteries may never be explained by modern science, or even by the supernatural entities some believe inhabit our universe.

10 Bizarre Modern Mysteries Which May Never Be Explained

As we continue to advance in technology, you would think the unexplained mysteries of the past would begin to be explained. Instead, the unexplained mysteries nowadays are confounding historians and scientists, sometimes more so than the unsolved mysteries of the past.

Traumatic Coma Leads to French Fluency

The story about Rory Curtis tops our list of unexplained mysteries. My respond to this bizarre story is, "Wow, really? Matthew McConaughey? You must be kidding!" If you get to know a little more about this story, I bet you'll just have the same reaction!

After a horrific accident during a torrential downpour, 25-year-old Rory Curtis succumbed to a six-day long coma, and awoke speaking fluent French! Aside from having not studied or spoken the language for nearly a decade, Curtis also believed himself to be the actor Matthew McConaughey. Shocked by his own appearance and admitting he was not the best at school, doctors were quickly confounded by his actions. While the massive impact of the car crash explains the injuries and coma, the other factors are still unexplained as are many of the wonders of the human brain.


Sleeping for Days and No One Knows Why

While our busy world makes many lack of sleep, those in a Russian village, Kazakhstan, are suffering from a sleeping epidemic, many sleeping days at a time. Several doctors and physicians have made their way to the village in hopes to determine the potential cause, but none are sure what is causing the people in this village to become so sleepy for such drastic lengths of time. Perhaps they are simply exhausted, or maybe there’s a new virus we need to put on the watch list.


The Potential Flight - Is It Actually Possible?

If a story of a flying man can't secure a spot on this unexplained mysteries list, I have no idea what will. What's more, it just happened this month. Yes, Jan, 2015!

The pilots of Airbus 320 were shocked and perplexed when they saw a man fly past their plane at approximately 3,500 feet. Although this is within range for a parachutist or balloonist, records do not indicate that any were within the same areas as Airbus 320. As such, the flying man has not been seen again, and no one knows how or why he was spotted outside of the plane. While human flight would be an amazing possibility, the logistics of such would be much too dangerous to encourage and this mystery may be best left unexplained. 


Natural Phenomenon or Unexplained Disaster?

John Connors lives in Chicago, Illinois; despite the cold winter months, he was still shocked to discover his house had been crushed by several large chunks of ice. Some hypothesize the ice may have fallen from an airplane, but Connors insists it appeared as though an ice bomb went off in his home. His neighbor did hear a large crash at the time of the incident, which has led meteorologists to claim a meteorological phenomenon known as a megacryometeor. Whatever actually happened, Connors should be thankful he was not home to witness the actual event occurring.


Deadly Stunt - How Did He Manage It?

Professional skiers are known for taking risks, but Cody Townsend took a risk that could have easily cost him his life. While skiing in the Alaska Tordrillos mountains, he decided to ski down its narrowest crevices, which also happen to be nearly vertical. Considering he is a professional, it is a logical assumption that Townsend had the proper training to pull off such a daring stunt. However, it is unclear how he managed to ski down the slope without any incidents.


Cravings, Pica, or Mystery?

In such a crazy world today, we may have heard about all kinds of cravings. But craving for toilet paper is beyond at least my imagination, so it for sure deserves a place on this unexplained mysteries list.

Although she gave birth to a healthy boy over a year ago, Jade Sylvester still craves toilet paper and consumes nearly a roll a day. While many pregnancy cravings are designed to provide the body and baby with appropriate nutrients, cravings such as this are absurd and definitely unexplainable. Perhaps she has developed the Pica disorder, which is when people desire to eat inedible things. Pica or not, let’s hope she soon learns how to stop consuming toilet paper.


Unexplainable Birth Weight

The average baby weighs anywhere from six to nine pounds at birth, but Alisha Hernandez gave birth to a baby with a weight no one, including the nurses and doctors, had anticipated. At just over thirteen pounds, Hernandez’s baby had to be delivered by cesarean section. This is not the first instance of a baby with a high birth weight considering Anna Bates of Ohio gave birth to a twenty-three pound baby in 1879. While this is not the first case, doctors are still unsure why the baby weighed so much.


Banging on a Table Cured Her Blindness

Lisa Reid, a 38-year-old woman from New Zealand, hadn't been able to see anything since 11 years old because of a brain tumour pressing on her cranial nerve II. However, a freak accident happened one day at her age of 24 has changed her life forever. She wanted to kiss her guide dog before going to bed like she did every single night, but she banged her head on the corner of a table when she was kneeling down. Although it hurt a lot as she recalled, she did not think too much of it and went to sleep. However, the next day when she woke up, the incredible miracle happened: she could see things again! Doctors and eye professionals are clueless as to why hitting her head on the table returned her vision, but she is thankful for the opportunity to once again see the world visually.


A Seal Out of Water

Seals are often known to be adorable creatures. They are also well-known for loving the water, which makes the discovery of a seal in a field nearly twenty miles from the ocean a truly unexplained mystery. It is difficult to know not only how the seal survived for so long outside of its natural habitat, but also how it managed to safely travel so far from the ocean, considering seals are meant to swim, not walk on land. Perhaps the seal hitched a ride accidentally, or it simply followed something it wanted until he reached the farm where it was found.


LARPing or Mentally Ill?

In recent years we have seen an increase of what has come to be known as LARP, or Live Action Role Play. Some are beginning to take this action to the extreme by enrolling in a real life branch of Hogwarts. Found in Poland and titled the Czocha College of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the school is fully staffed with professors and follows the courses and years as outlined by J.K. Rowling throughout the Harry Potter series. While many of us enjoy immersing ourselves in a great book, living within the parameters of the universe for more than an hour at a time is truly one of life’s unexplained mysteries.


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