Improving your On Page SEO techniques should start with the site’s usability. This is because sites that are easy to navigate and download things from encourage visitors to stay longer whenever they log in

Tips on Improving On Page SEO



There are various software programs that are provided by website hosting firms to enable you to know the amount of time each person takes your site takes before he or she switches to another site. The software is also capable of showing significant keywords that attracted traffic to your site hence giving you the opportunity to improve your SEO skills.

If you have a site promoting your tour firm’s operations for instance, you can use the software to note whether you attract more hits from the European, Asian or the African continent. This makes it possible to come up with proper anchor texts. These are keywords that enable you to get a vote of confidence from other sites. For example, the anchor texts linked to a major airline provider in a region will make people more confident about the services you are offering as tour operator because they will associate you with a company that they already know about in details.



Improve your On Page SEO techniques by looking for alternative ways of spelling your keywords. This might not be a professional move to undertake on the content appearing on your site. It is rather more efficient if done on the SEO articles that you intend to post on different online directories to promote your site during specific seasons. For example, if you are marketing Christmas offers you can vary the spellings by writing “X-Mass” in some instances to attract people who might type in the short version of the word into the search engines.



The use of hypertext in your SEO articles is another powerful tool that you can use to market your online business. Hypertexts are words that appear in blue and can be clicked to give detailed explanation on given topic that appearing within your article. In cases where you have articles in different directories, you can use hypertext to lead them to your website to enable them get price details that you are not able to include on the On Page SEO article to make it brief and interesting to the reader.



Format your keywords properly by bolding or writing them in italics. You can also increase the font sizes considerably. However, this must be done with caution as certain search engines are not in favor of such practices and they might end up lowering your ranking instead of taking them to the desired top spot.



Make sure your On Page SEO content is timeless. Avoiding the use future dates and prices that are subjected to change unless you are writing a seasonal promotional SEO article. Include comparative percentages instead. For example you can note that an item on your site is 50 percent cheaper compared to other online vendors. Make sure such statements are true and accurate to cultivate credibility.


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