Time travel stories have caused us to imagine the impossible time and time again. Yet, is time travel impossible? Many people claim to have experiences that are slips in time, both forward and backward. One of the most intriguing questions of all time is, “What date and time would you venture to if you could travel through time?” Even prestigious scientists such as Stephen Hawking are beginning to wonder if time travelers will be a part of our future.

7 People Who Considered Themselves as Time Travelers


The Men Who Foresaw the Firebombing Of Hamburg

In 1932 a German newspaper reporter and a newspaper photographer were interviewing people at the Hamburg shipyard. When they left, they heard aircraft engines and bombs exploding all around them, creating an inferno.

The quickly snapped pictures of this event and drove back into Hamburg to develop the film. Much to their dismay, there was not any evidence of what they had witnessed and their editor accused them of being drunk. Later the reporter moved to London. In 1943 he claimed he saw a newspaper story about an RAF raid on Hamburg with accompanying photos that were exactly as he and his partner had seen 11 years earlier.

In 1943, the RAF did bomb Hamburg, creating WWII’s first destruction of a major city. The bombing took the lives of 40,000 people.


The Women Who Visited a Queen’s Memories

Miss Moberly and Miss Jourdain published a book that recounted their experience of Marie Antoinette’s memories that they had in 1901. They were students at St. Hugh’s College in Oxford and were visiting Versailles. Neither of them knew anything about Versailles and became lost when they were searching for the Petit Trianon.

They claim that two men in long green coats with three-cornered hats pointed them in a direction across a bridge. On the other side of the bridge, they saw a woman in 18th century clothing sketching on a stool.

Later back in England when they investigated the mystery, they were really shocked when they found a picture of Marie Antoinette who was exactly the woman they saw sketching outside the Petit Trianon. They were certain that they were seeing the queen’s memories. Does this prove that they were time travelers?


An American Soldier from the Future

John Titor claimed to be a soldier from 2036 sent here using a device installed in a 1987 Chevy to recover an IBM 5100 from 1975 to fight a computer virus that was threatening to destroy the world. In 2000, posts began appearing all over the internet from John Titor.

He hinted at serious conflicts created by a series of Russian nuclear strikes in 2015. In 2001 the posts from Titor stopped, however in 2003 a book containing Titor’s 151 message board posts was released. The title, John Titor: A Time Traveler’s Tale sold several copies. Today the book is no longer in print, but you can retain a copy for $1,775.


The Pilot Who Entered a Parallel Dimension

Sir Victor Goddard was on a weekend leave from Britain’s Royal Air Force in 1935 when he encountered this alternate dimension. To this day it is unknown as to whether or not he was confused, or if he actually traveled forward in time to see the Drem Airfield back in working condition.

He was flying from Scotland to England and his flight was great. In his open-cockpit biplane, Goddard could see the decrepit hangars and grazing cattle. On his way back, he encountered a terrible storm that caused him to lose control of his plane for a bit.

Once he regained control, he was able to see the Drem Airfield once again. Only this time it was up and running with four bright yellow planes, one of which was unfamiliar, surrounded by mechanics in blue overalls instead of the brown that he was used to seeing the RAF mechanics wear.


The Woman Caught in a Temporal Vortex

Could this lady be half paralyzed because she is one of this centuries time travelers? The 30 year old woman told her doctor the story of how half of her body became paralyzed.

She and her friends were camping in the vicinity of Markahuasi, the famous stone forest in Peru. They were out exploring when they heard music and noticed a small, lit cabin. There were people dancing inside so she wanted to look. She stuck her head into the door and noticed that they were all dressed in 17th century clothing, at that moment her friend pulled her out. She claimed that half her body remained in a temporal vortex and that was why she was half paralyzed.


The Man Who Travelled the Highway to the Past

October 1969 found three men puzzled by a vanishing car. L.C. and his business partner were driving North on Highway 167, from Abbeville to Lafayette. They noticed a slow moving antique car in pristine condition.

They were curious so they slowly drove past the car only to discover a lady in 1940’s clothing and a child who seem pretty panicked and confused. They asked if she needed help and she nodded her head, so they pulled ahead so that they could pull over and help. However, by the time they pulled over the car was gone, without any turn offs or places to go, they were baffled. Another man had pulled up to them and said they saw them pull over and the other car vanish.


The College Students Who Drove to The Future Roadhouse

A car full of coeds was returning to Southern Utah University after attending a rodeo. On the way home, along Highway 56, the road changed and they no longer knew where they were nor did they recognize the surrounding area.

Eventually they found a roadhouse and thought they could ask for directions. They pulled into the parking lot and one of the girls rolled down her window to ask for help. Instead she screamed at the driver and told him to drive away fast.

They were soon being pursued by three wheeled, egg-shaped cars. They finally got back to the road they knew and continued on to their dorm. When asked why she screamed, she replied with the fact that the men were not human.


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