Sometimes in life, it becomes important to re-establish your balance to get out of a traumatic situation. This is usually the time when you need someone to help you guide in the right direction. How about asking a few thought provoking questions to determine exactly what you want from life. Here we have compiled a list of some questions to help you find the real purpose of your life. Be sure to work through each of them and take your time to answer them as honestly as possible.

Thought Provoking Questions


If you were to take a happiness-producing drug that would allow you to enjoy but forget about what you did the next day, would you be more interested in knowing what occurred or you would just cherish the way you felt?


If you could be someone else and live his/her life for one day, would you go for it? If yes, who would you choose? How would you react once you become the real you again?


Can you remember the most enjoyable dream you ever had and the worst nightmare as well?


If you could become brilliant by agreeing to have a scar stretching from your ear to your mouth, would you go for it?


What would hurt you more: never being able to travel more than 200 miles from home or having to leave your country and never return?


Do you spend most of your time working hard just to avoid criticism or you do it to earn recognition and praise?


How would you change your lifestyle if you knew you would die of a heart attack in a year from now?


Would you spend a month alone in an isolated natural setting with food and shelter available?


Would you be willing to have a nightmare every night in return for extraordinary wealth?


If you get a chance to invite anyone in the world as your dinner guest, who would you select?


If what you have today had no effect on what people thought of you, would you be spending your money in a different way?


Who do you consider is the most important person in your life? How far can you go to improve your relationship with that person?


Given the chance would you play a game with someone who is less skilled or opt for someone who is more skilled? Would you change your decision if others were watching?


Would you be willing to sacrifice your finger to win immunity from all major diseases?


If you had to choose free unlimited service for 5 years from a chauffeur, cook, masseuse, housekeeper, or personal secretary, what would be your choice?


Have your character and humanity been forged more by disappointment and pain or by success and pleasure?


If you had to move to a new country on a very short notice, which country you would select and why?


If you were to die within a day with no chance to say anything to anyone, would you regret not getting a chance to say something to someone special?


What do you feel more often: envy or gratitude? Is there anything you are most grateful for?


Suppose you get a chance to know the truth about any one thing about yourself, the future, life, or anything else, what would be your choice? Why?


Is there anything you really love about your life? What do you like least about your life?


Do you really think being open-minded is a virtue? What would you say if it is spreading destructive ideas throughout society?


What would you choose: 30 years of average health or 10 years of excellent health?


Would you go the distance and defend what you think is right in front of your peers even if it means risking your reputation and be a martyr? Would you be pragmatic instead and do nothing?


If you speak to friend the way you speak to yourself, how long do you think he would stay a friend?


Is there anything you can do today but were in no position to do a year ago? Is there anything you would want to do at this time next year?


When was the last time when you really worked outside of your comfort zone?


Imagine getting a chance to deliver a 30-second speech to the world, what would you say?


Suppose you have all the money in the world but you still have to do a job, what would be your choice?


Is there anything you would want to change if you were told that there is no God?


Who is the person you would run to if you know you would lose everything tomorrow? If there is someone, does he/she know how much he/she means to you?


What changes you would make if you knew you would live forever?


When do you think you will be good enough for you? When do you think you will be in a position to accept everything about yourself?


Can you think of anything that would make someone's day better?


If you had the chance to travel back into the past and change one thing, what would that thing be?

  • These thought provoking questions would help you learn everything about yourself and help you take control of your life while maintaining a positive frame of mind. Answer all these questions honestly and see your answers again to know what they say about you and your personality. Keep asking these questions until you have found something meaningful and more important to you.

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