College! Such a defining time of one’s life, right? For many, their going off to college is the first time they have lived away from their parents’ house. It is the first time they will be in charge of their own decisions and experience that freedom they have heard so much about. Of course, it is also the time many people get too high on the freedom and become reckless. But it is also in college that great ideas like Facebook and so many other great companies were born. So how do we make the best of our time in college?

Things to Do in College

Basically put, there are endless possibilities in college and one may find themselves overwhelmed. So here are a few things we recommend you to try in college.

Take full advantage of your student ID card

Whether it is a hamburger or movie ticket, a vacation or a simple drink in a bar, the student ID card gives discounts on everything. There is almost no shop a student in college will get to and not get discount offers. This is amazing! For those four years, every cooperate organization and retail business wants to be the student’s friend. So it is a win-win. Get that discount and be proud of it. The experience probably comes once in a life time so take advantage and get the fullest gain from it.


Volunteer at a shelter or NGO

And we never fully reap the benefits of such actions. Volunteering brings such satisfaction and it is something every college student must do. It is a chance to give back to society as well as support the less privileged. This helps to shift our perspective and keeps us in that spirit of gratitude. Volunteering makes us appreciate more the things we have, helps build our tolerance and, most of all, builds character. It doesn’t cost money, just time and willingness. Volunteering is a gift that keeps on giving and, like earlier stated, we never fully reap the benefits.


Explore a different country

College, if not for anything else, is for exploration. It is a time to know self and interact with a whole new bunch of people with diverse backgrounds. Visiting a different country is definitely one of the things to do in college. It makes the experience richer, impresses on the mind and is an avenue to learn firsthand. Those who explore other countries gain more than just 4 years of education; they could even get life experiences that make them better. Life is a book, and those who do not travel, only read a page.


Take a class that is not related to your major

One may ask, why? After all it has nothing to do with my major, but in that lies the intrigue. Expanding knowledge is one of the main reasons – and for some, the only reason – why college is attended. So open up, take that course, and learn something new and different. We never know what possibilities abound when we take random chances and do something out of the normal or expected. Again it costs nothing, and all it needs is the drive to learn. And more often than not, we end up enjoying the course and when we don’t, we learn something new about ourselves.


Meet new people

This is great for self-discovery. In college, we see a lot of people but do we actually "meet" them? Go over to a stranger, introduce yourself, and start a conversation. Find out people’s hobbies and interests, learn about their background and actually "meet" them. A person is only as wealthy as their network and no one is an island. Make friends and expand that network. Many strong and lasting bonds, friendships and partnerships started in college. So meeting new people, if not for any other reason other than to know what you want, is one of the things to do in college.


Form a true friendship with a professor

This is truly valuable. At first one may go into college feeling apprehensive; it is, after all, a new environment and it is normal to feel those butterflies of uneasiness in the stomach. At this time, questions on a fresher’s mind definitely include "Will I like my professors and will they like me?" A friendship with a professor is something that builds with time but let’s leave the future for a bit. A professor has so much experience he can share and so much wisdom he can imbibe. A friend in a professor is a friend in deed.


Get an award in the year books

There is something everybody is good at. It could be all sorts of things, like writing or cooking. The good thing is that college is an enabling environment and any skill we have can be enhanced in college because there is an avenue to use it. So imagine that you paint: you make an awesome portrait of the Vice Chancellor and you get an award for it? Let it be noted that there are all sorts of awards in college. SO go on and showcase that skill; get into that completion and excel. It could be the beginning of a legacy.


Go on a road trip

Still on the matter of exploration, one thing which graces the list of things to do in college is changing cities – by road. Take a four-day road trip to a different community and learn new things while you are in it. There is so much we can get in from the scenery of a road trip. Road trips are exciting for starters and they are filled with new and unplanned experiences. New cultures can be explored as well on a road trip. Other experiences on a trip such as this include staying up all night, camping, and having sing-alongs.


Make a list of accomplishments for future you

This is one of the most defining things one can do while in college. Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and close your eyes. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Now write all the things you would have accomplished and store in a place you would remember. Only remove it in 10 years and review. You never know what to expect and when the list is opened, it could either be funny or not. What this does after ten years is that it gives perspective. It shows our thought processes in the 10 years that have passed and it is the closest thing we could have to time travel.


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