Belly fat is your cushion. It is good for you. However, anything in excess is bad for us, including excess belly fats. If you are suffering from excess belly fat, there are a number of reasons and some of the reasons are noted below. 

We are posting the reasons here because until and unless we know the reasons, we will not be able to get a solution for the issue. So, keep reading and start looking for options so that you can get rid of excess belly fat.

Causes and Solutions for Excess Belly Fat



Stress is an issue because it increases the level of cortisol in one’s body. This leads to belly fat. So, de-stress and you'll see positive results in this case. There are a number of ways in which you can de-stress like meditation. Start looking for them and you'll be happy with the way in which you can be stress-free.



Not many people realize that illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, etc. can result in fat accumulation in one’s belly area. In some cases, you cannot do much, but in other cases, a possible solution can be found. The best thing to do in this case is that you should know your disease and look for possible solutions to get rid of it.


Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in one can even be a reason because of which you might notice excess belly fat. This is an issue mainly seen in women who have attained middle age. 


Junk food

Junk food is an issue that can affect your life negatively. Junk food is something that can force you to increase your belly size and make you look out of shape. So, the best thing to do in this case would be to avoid junk food. You should look for healthy food options that can make you feel healthy. Start looking for tasty, healthy options that can be used as a viable alternative for your favorite junk food items.


Poor metabolism

With age, our body’s metabolism rate slows down which results in excess fat storage in our body. This is probably the reason that you might have been faced with the issue of excess belly fat even though you do not eat too much of junk food. Similarly, you'll even notice people have a flat stomach even though they eat junk food on a regular basis. The reason behind it is that they have a high metabolism rate.

So, you should work on improving your metabolism rate if you want to get rid of excess belly fat. 



It is possible that fat cells develop in your body because it’s in your genes. So, have a look at your parents and grandparents; if your body’s shape is exactly like them or more or less similar to them, you are not really at fault. However, there are ways in which you can get rid of excess belly fat.


Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle even determines the way in which you belly fat increases or decreases. If you spend your time mostly sitting at a place without moving around or without taking necessary breaks at intervals, you'll notice that a lot of fat is accumulated in your belly. So, if you want to get rid of excess belly fat, you should make necessary changes in your lifestyle and move around more often.



This is the biggest issue here. People often overeat and put on weight easily. With tasty food options available to us, we often make the mistake of overeating. Things can turn out to be worse if you overeat junk food.


Sitting posture

Not many people realize that their poor sitting posture is also a reason. So, if you are slouching too often while seated on a chair, you can expect fat to be accumulated around the stomach area. So, we suggest you to sit straight on the chair. If needed, start looking for articles and videos that can guide you as to how should one sit straight on the chair. 


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