Love can be a tricky business. And you don’t need me to tell you that – the music industry is full of hundreds of thousands of songs devoted to love, and Hollywood is full of rom com movies. There’s romance in movies where it’s not even needed! All of them center around everything that people in love face. Of course, different characters always tend to behave differently in love. Speaking of which, did you know that astrology and the way a man behaves when in love have a strong correlation to each other? Let take Taurus as an example.

Signs That a Taurus Man Loves You

So if you’re dating a Taurus guy and are wondering if he likes you or is in love with you, then you should keep the following telltale signs he loves you in mind:

He’s confident, almost brash when with you

Sometimes, the best way a Taurus guy can impress a woman is by doing the unexpected. Now that requires a certain amount of confidence and self-assuredness. But sometimes, things tend to go out of hands and he might end up looking too daring with his antics. Don’t mistake this for him being a jerk – he’s doing what he believes is the best way to impress you. An extension of this point is…


He becomes a risk taker

So if in the beginning he seemed kinda normal and even hesitant to do things but now he doesn’t think twice before taking risks, then he’s surely in love with you. The risks can be small, like going to a movie with you when sick, despite knowing he’ll get worse later, or big, like skipping an important meeting day at the office just to spend time with you.


You get to see a lot of him

Guys like him do not hesitate to spend every available time with the woman they love. So don’t be surprised if you end up seeing more of him now than you did in the beginning of your relationship. It’s actually one of the clearer signs that a Taurus man loves you.


He starts discussing expenditure with you

For example, instead of spending money at the theater on movie tickets and snacks, he can suggest to stay at home, have a Lord of the Rings marathon and get pizza delivered at home. This is a more economical and personal way of spending his time with you, and the fact that he’s comfortable discussing budget and finance with you definitely means he’s that much comfortable with you.


He likes it when you’re more girly

He doesn’t mind it when you take charge and act all dominating, but what really floats his boat is when you become all shy, coy and very, very feminine. He loves it when you dress like a lady and go all out looking like one. Class and grace – that’s the two things he really loves in his girl. Oh, and he has a thing for long hair.


His loyalty is unparalleled

His inability to make his mind up about you must have frustrated you in the beginning. But the thing is, once a Taurus man has made up his mind about a woman, pretty much nothing can change his decision. So once he’s decided that you’re the one he wants to spend his life with, you can definitely be assured of one thing – his undivided loyalty towards you and the relationship you have. Literally one of the best signs that a Taurus man loves you.


He makes efforts to build the relationship

Most guys aren’t like this – the burden of developing the relationships is always borne by women. But not with Taurus men. They are the ones who will not hesitate to take the first step. In all likelihood, they will be the ones who suggest making things official, or taking them to the next level.


He’s a diehard romantic

Now this might come as a surprise to many, but it’s true. His rough and tough exterior hides a warm and mushy interior. He’s an old-fashioned romantic, the one who will hold the chair for you, open the car’s door for you, give you his jacket when you’re cold, etc. It’s the little gestures of his which, according to him, make the best impression on you.


He can be possessive at times

A lot of women enjoy their men being possessive, while a lot of them don’t. If you enjoy him worrying over little things like whether you’ve eaten your food, taken your meds, or who you are hanging out with, then you’re gonna have a blast. It’s not that he’s doing it to deliberately annoy you or because he doesn’t trust you, but because he’s just asserting his love over you and that’s the best way, according to him, to do so.


He’s a considerate lover

You might have already noticed one of such signs that a Taurus man loves you. But in case you haven’t, keep your mind alert the next time on. You’ll notice how he loves to cuddle, or how he goes out of his way to make you orgasm and even stays after orgasming so that he can cuddle with you. Basically, he’ll do everything in his power to please you. Also, sex with him feels like making love, which is exactly how you should feel when you’re dating a guy and in love.


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