Many religious institutions, civilizations, and cultures believe in disembodied spirits. The institutions teach that such spirits can invade human beings and control their physical forms as they wish. Some institutions such as the modern Catholic Church believe and promote the idea of a regular human. The institutions have exorcism specialists and investigation teams. This article outlines the most common signs of demonic possession.

Signs of Demonic Possession Widely Rumored


Signs of Ghost Possession

Ghost infestation symptoms include:

  • Mysterious shadows

  • Mysterious noises

  • Hot or cold spots

  • Lights going on and off

  • Strange behavior in animals

  • Disappearance and reappearance of items

  • Feeling like someone is watching

  • Feeling like someone is touching

  • Drawers, doors, and cabinets closing and opening

  • Objects moving on their own

There are more symptoms indicating that demons or ghosts have infested a building or land:

  • A place that feels creepy. You cannot tell why you do not want to be there alone.

  • Many deaths have occurred in a place including suspicious deaths. A location of several traffic accidents could be a sign of a sudden demon infestation.

  • Businesses start and go bankrupt repeatedly in a particular location.

  • Phenomena occurring in a place such as power going off, thumping noises, sounds of howling and whining, and flying remote controls.

  • Feeling lots of negative emotions in a certain place. People suddenly feel depressed, heavy, and develop bad thoughts towards themselves. For example, you may feel fine and happy before getting into the place, but feel negative immediately after entering the place. And then you feel fine shortly after leaving the place.


Signs of Demon Possession

People show different signs of demonic possessions. The widely rumored signs of a demon possession include:

  • Having thoughts that are unlike you or which seem to come out of the blue or from somewhere else

  • Feeling hopeless

  • Severe arguments with friends or with your spouse

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Sudden depression that can be very subtle or severe

  • Feeling controlled at times or all the time by something else or someone else

  • Feeling creepy

  • Inability to pray

  • Feeling like something has touched, scratched, or attacked you

  • Feeling oppressed or negative in one area of your house or neighborhood

  • Hearing one or multiple commanding, persuasive, and negative voices requiring you to do something. For instance, a voice may persuade you to avoid a friend or allow them into your life

  • Inability to contact spiritual or religious items, for instance, one may incur an aversion to touching a crucifix or going to the temple or church

  • Phenomena such as things falling off shelves or wall, scratching sounds, or spiritual items moving by themselves

  • Extreme personality changes. For instance, an outgoing person starts to stay at home all the time

  • Feeling attacked sometimes accompanied by inexplicable physical pain while others experience no attacks. The feeling is often accompanied by psychological pain such as anguish or terror

  • Feeling like someone or something is pushing you to do something.

Demon Possession Symptoms Recorded by Catholic

The Catholic doctrine has recorded the following signs of demonic possession:

Early Warning Signs

According to the Catholic Church, many rationalists argue that demonic possession signs are signs of physical and mental diseases. However, the Vatican insists that these signs are different. According to Catholics, the symptoms of demonic possession include vocal outbursts, stomach cramps, palsy and tremors, vomiting and violent headaches. 

The church argues that it is possible for an individual to be physically ill and possessed at the same time. The church cites Matthew 8:16 from the New Vulgate Bible. The verse outlines the events on one evening when people brought possessed persons to Jesus. He cast out evil spirits out of them with his word and healed the sick among them.


Super-Human Abilities

Possessed individuals sometimes get new physical abilities. A possessed individual may become violent if driven out of his or her hiding place. For instance, a child can throw four men off or lift heavy items. A provoked demon can react aggressively by lifting people or objects and throwing them across the rooms. The provoked demon may also carve words into walls or human skin.


Sudden Change in Behavior

Another signs of demonic possession is sudden changes in personality. The changes may manifest as aversion to religious items, violent outbursts, and sudden knowledge of archaic languages. Peaceful individuals may act out by threatening others with fear and violence or make lewd or obscene comments about them. The Greek word of demon is daemon, which is sometimes translated to mean a fallen angel or an unclean spirit. Hence, it is not unusual for individuals who were once virtuous or spiritual to incur sudden changes in their normal behavior.


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