Sexting…it seems like everybody’s doing it, from celebrities to the girl next door. This trend definitely has its benefits. Sexting is a fun form of foreplay. It’s a great way to keep your relationship spicy, to strengthen the bond between a couple, and add a playful element to your sexual activities. Yet we’ve all heard the nightmare stories of those same intimate messages and photos being leaked on the internet, tarnishing reputations, and causing hurt and embarrassment. Here are 7 sexting tips to help avoid those awkward situations.

7 Strategies for Smart Sexting

Do wait until you have an established relationship to sext someone. 

Don’t rush into sexting. Wait until you’ve been out on a couple dates to begin sending sexy, little messages. Start small with just quick, short notes like “Thinking of you” or “Dreamt about you last night.” Before you know someone well, you need to keep your guard up. You don’t know them well enough to trust they’ll be able to resist sharing sexy photos with their friends. If you don’t want your naked body seen by all his buddies, don’t send him naked pictures until trust has been established. You see this one tops the list of smart sexting tips for a reason. Don’t take the risk, or you may regret!

Do use sexy words.

In this case, words not only whet the sexual appetite, they’re safer than pictures. Short messages like “Wow, you were so hot last night. Can’t wait to do it again!” are just as powerful as a nude picture and sometimes even more effective.

Do blush proof your smart phone.

When you get a text and your phone beeps a notification, it’s the automatic instinct for those around you to glance your way. Adjust your settings so the message doesn’t automatically pop up for anyone nearby to peruse. Giving grandma an accidental peek at your man’s privates is not a comfortable situation.

Do delete sexts asap.

Though it might be tempting to save that sexy topless shot of yourself, or those hot messages from your love, don’t do it. It’s too easy for hackers to gain access and the next thing you know you’re the hottest pic on the internet.

Don’t include your face in nude photos.

If you’re going to show a body part naked that you can’t show in public, don’t include your face. If the image does fall in the wrong hands, it’s much harder to prove whose body it is if you haven’t given away the secret by including your face. Don’t worry, your lover will know who it is without seeing your face.

Don’t sext and drink.

Alcohol may give you the liquid courage to sext messages you wouldn’t send when you were sober, but it also blurs your senses. What you think is sexy, cute, or adorable at the moment may just look raunchy once you’ve taken off your beer goggles. Just make yourself a rule: No sexting after more than one drink.

Don’t sext at work.

Especially don’t sext on a work phone. If your employer has Wi-Fi and your phone is connected to that, he could see exactly what you’re up to while you’re on the time clock. That’s one conversation with your boss you definitely want to avoid. And if your partner’s at work, don’t put him in the embarrassing position of getting a hot sext while he’s in the middle of meeting.

All these may seem like sexting tips for girls, but they apply to men as well. Males as well as females need to follow safe sexting tips because women who are not the only ones who can get hacked and find themselves ending up being unwilling porn stars. Follow these tips for sexting and you can have fun with your lover on the phone without worrying about the consequences.

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