Buff do-gooders in comics are countless and dime-a-dozen. YAWN. A character’s true sexiness comes from their personality. Okay…and maybe their muscles. Below is a list of good and bad guys that we wish were real and eligible.

Part 1


Swamp Thing

As part man, part plant he looks like he’s kind of moist and sticky to the touch, but according to his storyline, the orgasms he gives are mental and transcendent. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, ladies.


Yorick Brown, Y: The Last Man

You are obligated to crush on Yorick solely because he’s the last male on Earth. But seriously, he knows magic tricks and has a pet monkey! A great starter boyfriend.


Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon

The rational, logical one in the relationship, older man Darien was always super respectful when it came to the physical stuff. He’s protective, but doesn’t mind taking the back seat to the butt-kicking Sailor Moon. Tall, dark, handsome, and he wears a tuxedo!



Yeah, yeah, he has a rich character development and fights bad guys. That outfit, though.


Dream, Sandman

Like most goths, Dream AKA Morpheus is always brooding. He seems to be perpetually lovelorn, which just makes him all the more attractive. How can you not swoon over an immortal who broods over you for millennia?



Originating as a nemesis in Sandman, the devil made our list after he got his own spin-off. Cunning, witty and well dressed, it’s hard not to say, “The devil made me do it.”


V, V for Vendetta

V’s allure lies in his mystery. His identity is never revealed, so you can’t stop wondering what was hiding behind that mask. He can also kick butt without any super powers, is totes selfless, an unabashed feminist, and stands up for what’s right.



A surly and snarky smoker, John Constantine is the ultimate antihero – and everyone loves a bad boy in a trench coat.


Gambit, X-Men

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” X-Men‘s Gambit is a pro with cards, a master thief, a total charmer and can manipulate energy (hello!). Oh, and he also speaks arguably the sexiest language of all – French.


Leonidas, 300

If super buff powerful guys are your thing, then Leonidas is your man. This Spartan faced a Persian army almost fifty times the size of his own. Now that takes some balls!


Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

A good ol’ boy with a heart of gold, Rick’s handy with a gun, a great leader, a loving husband and a protective father. This is the white knight every little girl wanted to marry.


Bruce Wayne, Batman

He can play the brooding orphan card IRL or just beat some bad guys at night: both personalities are sexy. Oh, and he’s filthy rich and has lots of fun gadgets you can play with. +900 points for a butler.


Jesse Custer, Preacher

Jesse is Rick Grimes but with the word of God. Yup, he can make anyone do anything. Bonus points because his BFF is an Irish vampire.



He’s buff. He’s got good hair. He controls thunder and lightning. He’s a prince. Do you need anything else?


Wolverine, X-Men

Smart, hilarious, independent, Logan is our pick for the sexiest partly because he comes off like doesn’t give a damn about anyone else, but ends up going above and beyond to do the right thing. Great hair, superb muscles, and a cigar in his mouth.


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