Back in the day, when a couple got married and had a child, the mother stayed home and looked after the baby 24 hours every day for the next couple of years. And then the idea of babysitting came from the fact that mothers really couldn’t end their lives because a child is in the picture; she still needs to work, goes on dates with her husband and so forth. But the questions now become who can be trusted enough to care for my baby even just for a few hours or how to find an amicable family and baby to babysit.

Scary Babysitting Stories You Should Know Beforehand

There have been lots of bad babysitting stories, from maltreatment to straight out supernatural events occurring. Here are a few of them that are going to make you reconsider the option of babysitting.

The kidnapping

This is the account of a 17-year-old girl who was "pranked" while babysitting. She left the parlor for a bit to continue a "serious" chat on social media and a stranger rushed in and took the 4-year-old child who had been put in her care. Frantic, the teenage babysitter starts to cry and yells out to the neighbors for help and it was horrible. But two hours later, the child resurfaced with his uncle who was also the kidnapper, sent by his sister (the child’s mother) to prank her. Now this may not be a typical scary story, but imaging being in the shoes of the babysitter! There are lots of scary babysitting stories and we are about to see some scarier ones.


Creepy kids

This babysitter had the pleasure meeting the Addams family in real life. The children loved the most dangerous games and she thought she was going to die babysitting them. "One day", the babysitter recalls, "the older one came to me holding a knife; he was about six and he said he wanted to know where babies came from; I said I would tell him if only he put down the knife. He disagreed saying his mom told him that they were in there and he was going to free them; I was so scared because he seemed so determined and dedicated. I was able to bribe him with candy bars and a bunch of adventurous stories and that was my last time in that house." Wow!


Trail of blood

This babysitter always saw a trail of blood when she showed up to the house where she was hired. This bothered her and she asked the parents why there was blood on the floor in their house. She was asked not to worry about it. This continued and the more it occurred, the more uncomfortable she felt.

"Although I should have known better, my curiosity got the better of me and when the baby was asleep, I followed the trail to a door which, as you would guess, was locked. I tried opening it but as I hit the door, a soft growl came at me from the other side. I forced myself and went back to the baby and till this day don’t know what all that blood was about." So what was in there? That is definitely one of the scariest babysitting stories out there.


There’s a monster in my room

Among all scary babysitting stories, this one is common but really scary. It was hard to believe at first, but this babysitter experienced this with a 13-year-old who actually believed there was a monster in his room. Turns out he wasn't lying. "The arrangement was never to enter his room. I would keep him company till he felt sleepy and then he would go to his room. So on this night, he went up and came back out saying there was a monster in there. I refused to go check it out but he insisted I did. On getting there, I swore I heard weird screeching noises, and that was pretty much the last time I ever went to that house."


Don’t yell at my friends

While looking through these scary babysitting stories, this one stuck out. It happened to a babysitter who was dealing with a child who had an imaginary friend. "I don’t know if he really had an imaginary friend or it was just his excuse for bad manners. This boy was the worst. He would do all sorts of things and blame it on his imaginary friend whose name was Andy. One day he was writing on the wall and this was so annoying so I yelled at him to stop. He said it wasn’t his fault because Andy asked him to. I yelled into the air at Andy and this boy got very angry. He told me if I ever yelled at Andy again, he may have to kill me.” If that doesn’t qualify as a scary babysitting story, nothing does.


Punching bag

Here comes another scary story. A couple left their three-year-old daughter in the hands of a babysitter who had a strange way of expressing herself. “I never checked the nanny-cam we installed in the house as I felt it was unnecessary. I returned from work one day while my husband was away on business. So I asked her to go home early, but I was bored so I decided to playback the nanny-cam video. It turned out that this babysitter had real issues with anger and she would throw several punches into the wall from time to time and the baby would be crying from fear. I am glad it didn’t get to the part where my baby was hurt.” Now this may not be a ghost-scary story, but ask any parent – it’s a recurring nightmare of theirs.


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