Relationships can be extremely rewarding and can keep you happy forever. And of course the first step to being in a fulfilling relationship is to find the right guy for yourself, because the wrong one is just going to make your life miserable. But what should you do once you have a boyfriend? Are there certain sets of rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to keep him in your life?

Rules of Having a Boyfriend

As it turns out, yes, there are rules but they may be not like what you think they are! Confused? Read on to know the rules about how to maintain a happy relationship with your boyfriend.

Show him appreciation

Never take him for granted. If he means a lot to you, then instead of keeping it all inside yourself, why don’t you show it to him? It doesn’t necessarily have to be during your honeymoon phase – you can easily do it all the time. Give surprise gifts, back hug him, cater to his interests and hobbies, make out passionately, cook him something good, etc.


Give lots of kisses

And when I say kisses, I don’t mean the ones that involve tongue, but the ones that are pure and innocent – the kisses on the lips. Kiss him in private, and kiss him in public. Kiss him before he leaves for work and kiss when you’re in the theatre watching your favorite movie. Surprise him with kisses, but make sure you don’t overdo it to an extent where your kisses mean nothing to him.



When you’re wrong, obviously. It shows him that you put him and your relationship above your ego, and it’s going to mean a lot to him.


Never criticise him on social media

Girls, please. That’s one of the top rules of having a boyfriend. If you have a problem, discuss it in private. There is zero need to air your dirty laundry in front of everybody. It not only shows the world you’re having trouble in your relationship, but also backs your man into a corner, which will result in him being aggressive and defensive towards you. Even in public.


Think 100 times before saying “I love you”

These words aren’t a joke, especially if you’re an adult. Liking someone and loving someone are two different things. If you’re not sure how you feel, keep quiet instead of blurting out something as stupid as "I think I love you" because that instantly changes the dynamics in your relationship. But if you’re sure that’s how you feel, then don’t hold back, shouting those three words out loudly and happily.


Ignored texts are okay

Only every once in a while, of course. Look, it’s impossible for him to be free enough to constantly respond to your texts when you send them. No need to blow your top. Be patient and try to understand why he didn’t respond. However, if he ignores most of the texts you send him, sure. Go ahead. Roast him.


Put your phone away

Because capturing a "perfect" moment and then putting it up on Instagram for 50 likes is really not worth missing the actual moment you’re having with your guy, alright? It’s narcissism. Stop with it. Stop being so self-absorbed. Focus less on your social media likes and more on your man.


Make time for his friends

If your friends are important to you, then his are important to him as well. Make the effort to hang out with them and get to know them. If you find that difficult, then bond with their girlfriends. Whether or not they like you is a different matter. But it will show your man you’re taking the extra steps for his happiness and this will definitely make him like you more. Such rules of having a boyfriend should always be kept in mind.


Never get too comfortable in your relationship

Because it’s when our guards are down and the most unexpected of things can happen. Especially when the periods of uncertainty have passed and you’re official with your guy. Never stop putting efforts in your relationship to make it fun, interesting and spicy. But remember to stop putting efforts into a relationship where you’re the only one making the efforts!


Compliment him

Men need compliments as much as women do; they just never show it. So if he does something sweet for you, like making you breakfast in bed or going out of his way to dress well for a date, make sure you appreciate his efforts by giving him a sweet compliment. Nothing generic like, "Looking good!" but something a little more personal and unique like, "That green shirt really brings out the color in your eyes. You should wear it more often."


Be direct

Don’t play mind games and don’t be manipulative. This is literally one of the most imperative rules of having a boyfriend. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Don’t assume he’s going to magically know what’s really going on through your mind. The only way for that to happen is you explicitly telling him so. So make sure the channels of communication between you two are open.


Don’t involve your friends in your relationship

Especially when his friends keep their noses out of your business. And while you’re at it, make sure you don’t advertise every little problem of yours to your friends, especially if he’s uncomfortable with his things being out in the open like this. Yes, you are entitled to share your problems with your friends, but his need for privacy supersedes your need to validate your feelings among your friends. Keep such discussions only for the bigger problems you face in your relationships. Learn to handle the smaller issues on your own.


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