Change is the only constant. Everything changes – nature, the seasons, society, people around us – everything. But there really are certain things that almost remain constant. And among that list of things is what a good man is. Now again, the definition of good differs from person to person. For some, a good man is one who is kind to animals and doesn’t eat meat, while to others, a good man is one who brings home the bacon, quite literally. Even so there are certain attributes preferred or liked by a majority of people which can safely be deemed to be "good".

Qualities of a Good Man

Just because a man doesn’t have a few of the qualities mentioned below, doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. You have to analyze each situation case by case.

He is an independent man

A man who is too possessive, jealous, insecure, or feels the need to be by someone’s side 24x7 is not a confident man. Such men seek validation from others, be it emotional or physical. Not to mention how they do not understand the concept of personal space. An independent man is one who can love the people around him and yet be capable of thinking about things about himself, his future and his life without having to worry about having someone by his side constantly.


He means what he says

It’s rare to find a man today who commits to his word. Small example – he tells you he’ll be there in 5 minutes but actually arrives in 40 minutes. Now this might be a small enough issue to shrug off, but it hints at a mentality that suggests his word shouldn’t be taken seriously. When in a relationship, this could easily sow seeds of distrust, and then how could anyone possibly be in a relationship with someone they don’t trust? Committing to his word is one of the rarest qualities of a good man that can be found today.


He speaks words of encouragement

And he will be this way to everybody around him. This positive energy of his can sometimes be his most endearing trait.


He is kind and helpful

These two qualities go hand in hand – he cannot be one without the other. Some men go out of their way to help those in need by becoming volunteers, holding charity drives or donating old stuff, while others do it in more subtle ways like helping children cross the road or holding the lift’s door open so that others can step inside.


He has a pleasant personality

Of course, this is not to say that those with a rough personality cannot be good humans deep down inside. I’m just saying a likeable personality is a big plus, especially when clubbed with the points mentioned above and below.


He is able to make peace

This could be his past, his relationships, his office boss who’s a complete dick or his neighbor who’s mean to him. The qualities of a good man include being able to look at the bigger picture and knowing that you win some battles and you lose some. The ones that you lose are the ones you should make peace with.


He’s a family man

Ah, this is something that almost all women look for in a man, and for good reasons. A man who gives importance to his family and has a good relationship with them is automatically a dependable, reliable, lovable and emotionally stable person.


He’s a good listener

Hearing and listening are two different things, and a good man knows the difference between the two. He commits to memory things that are insignificant to him, but important to the ones around him. It shows that he has genuine interest and a great deal of respect for those he listens to.


He knows the value of a dollar

A hard working man will always respect money because he knows how difficult it is to earn it. He doesn’t waste his money on unnecessary items, is smart with his account books, but also does not hesitate to splurge from time to time on his loved ones.


He is capable of accepting his mistake

Most men grow up thinking that they’re always right, no matter what. However, a good man knows that he’s very prone to making mistakes, which is why he never hesitates to accept whenever he’s wrong. He never puts his ego in the way.


He presents himself well

The qualities of a good man also include dressing and acting like a man, not a man-boy. No matter what people tell you, looks do matter to us. This is why he chooses to groom himself and sometimes goes the extra mile to look his age – neither younger nor older.


He isn’t a sexist

Sure, loads of men say that they respect women and treat them as equals, but very few mean it. If he’s the type of guy who has no problem being a house husband, taking care of the kids and the house, while his wife works hard to bring home the money, then you know he’s a truly good man.


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