Every season has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, and when it's time to move a house - you definitely want to pick up the right season. Check out some of Pros and Cons when moving in the different seasons.

Pros and Cons of Moving in Different Seasons


The Springtime

There is no doubt that the big heavy rains in the springtime make the relocation quite a challenge. This is one of the biggest cons, because you have to spare more time for wrapping each individual piece of electronic device and electronic equipment in plastic bags. Then, you have to seal them very well in order to avoid any risk of malfunctioning due to the water. Looking for the weather forecast is usually not enough as the rain in the springtime is often a surprise. Yet the springtime offers a variety of advantages and indeed, they are more than the disadvantages. For instance, let`s take the air temperature. Handling, lifting, packing and loading in the moving van are much more pleasant when the temperature outdoors is not too cold and not too hot. The springtime is also the season when most people are not that hustling and bustling to the vacation destinations like in the other seasons. This means less road traffic around the city outskirts and in the Downtown. You can park the huge removal van in front of the house for a longer time and therefore to load or unload your possessions for a longer time without worrying about making traffic jam.


The Summer

This is the season that features more cons than pros, and that`s why you should make the choice wisely if moving in the summer. Try to avoid a relocation in the mid-season as most people are coming and going to somewhere. The days are much longer than usual, which makes the big road traffic to last during most of the daytime. Not to mention the biggest disadvantage of the summer - the hot air and the powerful sunshine. In a combination - they make the handling and lifting of big heavy objects almost impossible. Furniture removals in the summer can turn into a truly overwhelming journey, while the choice of a removal van with air-con can enhance the total cost of the move. It is essential to take good care about the safety of your items, so it is essential to rent a van with air-con and especially if you move at a quite long distance. On the other hand, the summertime has the unsurpassed advantage of the summer vacations. This means more time for planning and preparing your belongings, the kids can easily get used to the change of the school and you should have more time for finding the perfect moving company.


The Autumn

Book a relocation for the autumn and you will get plenty of advantages. The lower air temperature, the still longer days, the end of the vacations, etc... The biggest con of the autumn is the road traffic, because everyone returns after the long vacations and the traffic jams are a real issue. That`s why choose a relocation in the autumn only if you move with a small van, which requires less parking space and which is easy for driving in the city.


The Winter

The wet shoes of the movers require placing cardboard sheets or old newspapers all over the floors. Supplying your helpers with gloves for heavy lifting is a requirement due to the low temperature, while moving in snow conditions requires hiring a special van that is suitable for these conditions. The winter has plenty of big holidays, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages when moving house.

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