Cell phones are an inevitable part of everyday life in today’s world. The majority of people in the world own and regularly use cellular phones, including students. The age that people are getting their first cell phones is becoming younger and younger with each generation, raising a large problem in schools. The amount of power that cell phones have and the types of things they can do cause eyebrows to be raised about their use in the classroom. Many people consider them a distraction, while other feel they are a necessity.

Cell Phones in School Pros

Recent studies show that high percentages of students are bringing their cell phones into classrooms. The benefits of this situation are listed below:

Academic Help 

Cell phones nowadays are more like small computers. They have complete access to the internet, calculators, and many other things. This can provide a very large benefit when a student needs to research for an assignment. They would not have to find a way to use a computer, they could simply do it at their desk, instantly.


Emergency Contact 

The main reason for cellular telephones is communication. While they do perform many other function, their main purpose is to make an receive calls and texts. They have become an priceless tool for safety. No matter what is going on or where you are, you can reach help or be reached. This is one of the sole reasons that parents are so supportive of allowing cell phones in schools.


Embraces Technology

The quality of cell phones now is absolutely amazing. It is a trust testament as to how advanced our society is becoming. Instead of rejected this amazing technology, schools should embrace it. They can be used as tools for teaching as well.

Cell Phones in School Cons

​Along with all of the benefits, there are certainly negative affects that should be taken into account about cell phones in the classrooms:


Cell phones allow a constant connection to friends and family. For this reason, they are very distracting. Making texts or spending all of their class time on social media can cause a major hindrance in the learning of students and the teaching ability of teachers.


Aids In Prohibited Activity

It is no secret that cell phones give a connection to the world, but these connections are not always used appropriately, especially for in school. Sexually explicit things can be looked at during school hours and on school campus. It also aids dramatically in the ease of cheating, students no longer have to rely on the person next to them if they want to cheat, they have access to every answer possible through their cell phones.



Cell phones are very expensive pieces of technology. This causes a large problem with theft. Is a school held responsible if another student steals a cell phone? Another large problem is the fact that not all students can afford a cell phone, making them a target for ridicule.


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