The bond between a mother and her child has been said to be as loving and sacred as between God and her devotees. This is why it comes as very shocking news to know that there are mothers who really kill their kids and this horrible fact has been there for a very long time.

Mothers Who Kill Their Children

While a few children died due to negligence, a sizeable number of them were killed out of apathy. Read on to know more.

April Weber, Brooksville

911 got a call from Weber who claimed she’d dropped her baby on the floor. But medical reports showed that the 6-week-old baby had trauma and injuries which were not consistent with a simple fall. When interrogated, Weber confessed that she deliberately threw the baby on the floor, twice. The second fall was hindered by the dresser, which hid the baby’s head. She was rushed to the hospital, but the baby could not be saved.


Hu Chen, China

She was the mother of two children – a girl of 12 months and a boy of 6 years. And the way she killed (or attempted to kill) them was quite horrendous. First, she went to a busy road near her home and then when she found what she was looking for – a heavy moving truck, she threw her daughter in front of the truck. And without hesitating for a second, she did the same with her son. Fortunately, the son was saved thanks to the quick responses of a passerby.


Megan Huntsman, Utah

This lady takes the cake – she killed all SIX of her children without any remorse. In a time span of over a decade, she gave birth 7 times, out of which she killed her newborns 6 times by suffocating them immediately after their birth. And what did she do with the bodies? Well, she placed the bodies in boxes and hid them in her garage! Wonder how she managed to explain to her husband the missing babies and the stench emanating from that place.


Nicole Kelly, Queens

The 22-year-old mother killed her 11-month-old child by wrapping him up very, very tightly in a sheet. When found by the husband, the child was rushed to the ER where he was pronounced dead on arrival. She did express her remorse to the police, but said she had killed her child because she didn’t want him any longer. For mothers who kill their children, any excuses are just bullshit.


Bianca, Westphalia

You have to read this story to believe it. This mother went to a Halloween party to have some fun, but returned home after a few days. Yes, that’s right. Days. She claimed she took so many drugs that they knocked her out and disorientated her. She claimed that the moment she woke up, she immediately went home to check her baby. However, medical reports say that the baby had been underfed for many weeks before the incident. This, coupled with the fact that the baby was “neglected” by the mother for a stupid party, resulted in her being jailed for life.


Ka Yang, California

For mothers who kill their children, this one got really cold hearted and cruel. Do you know how she killed her baby? By microwaving him for two whole minutes. The radiation of the microwave obviously damaged the baby’s organs beyond repair, not to mention his skin. Nobody knows why she did this, especially keeping in mind that her previous 4 children remained unharmed by her.


Stacie Marie Parsons, Texas

This is another depressing, tragic, and horrible story. Parsons had killed her 4-year-old daughter by bashing her head in with a blunt object. She then put the body inside the trunk of her car. On finding the body, the husband tried reviving the child but to no avail. He later on told the police that his wife killed their daughter just out of plain jealousy.


Alexandra V. Tobias, Florida

When you think of this killing-one's-own-kid kind of thing, you generally think of insane women with mental issues, right? But this woman killed her child in a state of anger. The reason Tobias stated for killing her 3-month-old was, because.... wait for it..... his cries distracted her from her work. And do you know what her “work” was? Playing Farmville on Facebook!


Claire Biggs, London

This is yet another mother who brutally tortured her 2-month-old baby before finally deciding to kill him. Already a drug addict, Biggs was not the best material to be a mother. She crushed the chest of her child, fracturing his ribs. She then broke his wrist and shoulder, both of which would have caused unbearable pain to the child. The post-mortem report indicates that the baby suffered from 17 fractured ribs. Can you imagine?


Lindsey Lowe, Hendersonville

Talk about mothers who kill their children! Image killing your twins right after giving birth to them and that is exactly what 25-year-old Lowe did. She was living in her parents’ house and didn’t want them to know she was pregnant (wonder how she hid her belly). So, she gave birth to the twins in their toilet and then proceeded to kill them by suffocating them with her hands.


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