Classical music exhibits a richness of long history and culture that has been associated with it over centuries. People who have developed interest in listening to classical music, tend to belong in a realm of their own, and indulge in conversations that might sound unusual to others, inclusive of terms like singspiel or partita. Getting around the base of classical music might seem a challenging task, but its intriguing sensibility is not one to be missed out by music lovers.

Most Famous Classical Music Pieces


Ode to Joy —Ludwig van Beethoven

This is considered as one of the most popular classical music of all times. It is an adaptation of the poem written by Friedrich Schiller in 1785 while the main composition was completed during 1822 -1824. It is believed that the Philharmonic Society of London initially commissioned the symphony in 1817. The poem is regarded as the most romantic masterpiece in literature, yet its empowering nature was elevated by the musical composition and settings applied on it.


The Marriage of Figaro—Mozart

This is one of Mozart’s most loved piece and you just can’t help but feel the overwhelming joy.

This was a four act opera, which was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte, and composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in 1786. It is the sequel to the plot of “The Barber of Seville”. The plot involves the characters of a Countess, Figaro, and Susanne who strive to fail the schemes of the Count, in a single day of maddening prospects. The opera was first banned in Vienna, for its extravagance, but managed to get the official approval. There is only one number in the minor key that become quite popular. It is known as the L'ho perduta.


5th Symphony—Beethoven

It was written in 1804-1808. It is one of the best classic music compositions of all times, written by Ludwig Van Beethoven, with a powerful energy. This symphony is included in most of the modern genres including in rap, disco, blues, metal and rock and roll. The symphony, and particularly the four-note opening motif, are known worldwide. Since World War II it has sometimes been referred to as the "Victory Symphony".


The Four Seasons—Vivaldi

The four seasons is a consortos of four violins, composed by Antonio Vivaldi in 1720. It is regarded as one of the most popular classical music pieces in Baroque music repertoire and the most famous work of Vivaldi. The consortos were initially published in the year 1725. Each concerto is in the distinct form of fast-slow-fast movements.


Suite No. 1 in G Major—Johannes Sebastian Bach

The seven-movement combination of a fifteen-minute composition, J. S. Bach has outdone the deliverance as one of the best classical music pieces. Anyone who listens to it, attains a spiritual association and absorbs a harmonious feel for it.


Nocturne in B-Flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1—Frédéric Chopin

Chopin is regarded as the most valued pianists who composed for the instrument like none other. One of the well-renowned Chopin pianist says that, "There is no composer who wrote better for the instrument." In addition, another popular pianist, Anton Kuerti declares him "the greatest opera composer who never wrote an opera." This nocturne is one of the most beautiful short pieces by the celebrated master of the "song of the night".


Canon in D Major —Johann Pachelbel

This is composed by a German Baroque, Johann Pachelbel. It got popular, especially after the year 1919. Originally it was written for three violins and basso continuo but has since been adapted for other instruments as well. The chord progression is quite simple and yet has been used many times especially in popular music. In year 2002, Pete Waterman, who is one of the valued pop music directors, pronounced this composition as "almost the godfather of pop music because we've all used that in our own ways for the past 30 years". This piece of most famous classical music has been played in different instruments. 


Cantata— Johannes Sebastian Bach

The cantata is a combination of vocal and instrumental composition, and often comprises of a choir. It was composed by Johannes Sebastian Bach. Along with this one, he is best known for composing 200 cantatas. The meaning and of cantata evolved over centuries, originating from the 17th century, and comprehended in the church at present. It is specially written for specific occasion, especially those for Christmas cantatas.


Here Comes the Bride—Richard Wagner

This classical music piece has become a popular addition in most of the weddings, even in the present century. It was composed by a German named Richard Wagner in 1850, which is also commonly known as the “Wedding March”.

In the opera, however, it is associated with the wedding of Elsa and Lohengrin. This music was first played at their wedding and she proceeds towards the chapel following its tune, in her wedding dress. Although Elsa has to follow the rule of not asking the origin and name of the groom, she eventually ends up breaking it and Lohengrin confesses that he must go away since he is the member of the Holy Grail. He must now leave her. In sorrow of departing from his lover, Elsa dies and tugged by a swan.


List of Most Famous Classical Music Pieces

Here’s the classical music mix, which includes the best classical music pieces. Enjoy!


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