Love is the most powerful of living things' emotions. All creatures on earth practice love. The love need not be romantic or sexual love. It could be love between parents and children, between siblings, your buddies, relatives, classmates, fellow countrymen, with human beings and animals. You may love the mother earth too. The fact is, the more you love, the more love you receive. The opportunities to get unlimited love are virtually unlimited. The only thing needed is to align yourself in the right direction and then unlimited love will begin to follow in your surroundings. Here are 9 tips to make unlimited love:

Make Unlimited Love with These 9 Tips


Attract Positive People

The people in your life or near you are the reflection of you. Know that if there are positive, happy, loving and caring people around you then you must be the same. On the flip side, if you are rude, unhappy, complaining and insensitive you would have similar people around you. 

To attract more love you need to get rid of the negative people and include good and positive people in your life. By getting rid of negative people, doesn't mean that you leave them alone. It means that don't let their negativity affect you. Instead, be so powerful that you change their negativity attributes and don't be affected by their bad qualities. Find the right people with a positive attitude.


Know Yourself Better

Another very important step in finding unlimited love is to know yourself better. Ask yourself these questions: Who are you? What do you want? What is your goal in life? How many loving people are around you? What makes you happy and what puts you off? What kind of partner you are looking for? What qualities do you want in your life partner? By doing this exercise, you would be better aligned with yourself and with your surroundings. When you know exactly the things that put off you you can avoid them. Going a step further, you would not do these things yourself so the people near you would appreciate that and love you more.


Making Self Esteem and Confidence Strong

Confidence is the most essential ingredient for success. When you achieve something, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You feel more self assured. You see the world as a positive place with lots of opportunities. People around you feel these vibes and want to remain close to you. In this process, they would give you unconditional love. Another way of getting love! You may induce confidence in your loved ones, especially in children. You may become their mentor and children love their mentors.


Spread Love Freely

The most effective way of getting love is to give love. When you love someone without condition that love comes back to you. In one of the studies, the researchers found out that if you do something good, something good will happen to you. 

They conducted this experiment with many volunteers in a scientific way. Although, people know this fact from ages, but know as we live in an era of science, this proves the axiom even further. Children are the most adorable beings. You don't need to make an effort to love them. Be a babysitter just for having fun and getting love. You would be amazed to get so much unconditional love back.


Be Grateful for the Blessings in Your Life

Another trick to get love and spreading love is to acknowledge the blessings in your life. Write them down them in a notebook. You may have loving parents, siblings who love and support you, friends who spend time with you, teachers who are mentors, your colleagues in the workplace who deal with you nicely. 

You may have a good job. There are thousands of people who don't have these loving people in their lives. After completing this blessing list you may cry with love and joy. You would be more acknowledging of these relations and would love them more. In return, they would also love you more.


Have a Passion or Hobby That You Love

Love your hobby or passion. Passion doesn't mean to be romantic. Any activity that you love could be your passion. Even if you are looking for romantic love, this tip is very helpful. Girls mostly and men love girls/boys who have some passion. No wonder, why girls love the guy who can play guitar or is a good photographer. Painting, dance, acting, music and sports, the list is endless. Choose the passion of your choice and perfect it. You would be astonished to see girls/guys giving you more attention.


Fall In Love

Another way to get love is to fall in love. Love is a thing which just happens. You can't really plan to fall in love. But if you remain in a circle of friends who have nice personalities than there are more chances that you can fall in love. If they are physically attractive the chances multiply. 

Once you decide to pursue a relationship with a boy/girl, than do it whole heartedly. With sincerity, you can get sincere and unconditional love. Flirting will only give you temporary pleasure. And the partner gets to know that you are not serious you can suffer.


Do Some Social Work

To get loved and admired, volunteering is one of the best options. All religions encourage kindness with fellow human beings. You can volunteer as a babysitter to work in old homes or to help your mother doing laundry. The opportunities are endless. You will feel moral and mental accomplishment and sense of fulfillment. You will improve your spirituality as a result, in addition to unbound love.


Getting a Pet

If you want lots of unconditional love, then getting a pet is a great idea. Animals love their owners a lot. Usually cats and dogs are taken as pet, but any animal can be taken as a pet. The traditional farmer communities know that animals like cows, sheep, camels, horses, donkeys etc are as loyal and loving as cats or dogs. You can also join an animal preservation campaign.



Love is the most powerful emotions in all creatures. Everyone wants to love and be loved. To do this you need to do a little effort. With this effort you can make unlimited love with your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, love interest and animals. The key to getting love is to spread love. The love that you give comes back to you sooner or later.


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