Everybody loves snacks with low calorie content but nobody ever indulges in them, mostly because we’re unaware of the amount of calories we consume every time we take a bite. Right? But what if we told you that you can easily munch on 100 calorie snacks without having to feel guilty of going off your diet? Not to mention how these prefect snacks to munch on when you’re feeling hungry but don’t want to binge on junk food.

Low Calorie Snacks

The snacks mentioned below are all 100 calories or less than that. What you choose to eat is completely up to you, depending on your convenience, dietary habits and budget, of course.

Frozen Grapes

Now these are perfect for those on the go. Low maintenance, easy to carry and they don’t go bad so long as you keep them in the freezer! Around 30 grapes are what you can eat to keep your calorie intake under 100.


Almond Butter on Rice Cake

It might be tempting to use peanut butter, but you should know that not only is almond butter a way healthier option for you, but is also not associated with the massive environmental damage that the creation of palm oil does for peanut butter. Use a max of 2 tsp of almond butter on your cake.


20 Pistachios

Low on saturated fats and high on proteins, pistachios are the perfect binge eating snack that not only keep your stomach full, but can easily be carried around without fear of spillage or damage to the goods. Hands down one of the best low calorie snacks for you!


Hummus…. with Carrots!

5 medium sized carrots and 2 tbsp. of hummus is all that you need. And to spice things up, how about using a little parsley or oregano?


Apple Sauce (Chunky)

Take a medium sliced apple, cut it in half and add 1/3rd cup of apple sauce (unsweetened) to it as a garnishing. And then… Bite it hard! For added flavor, add a pinch or two of cinnamon powder to your sauce.


Apples and Cheese

Speaking of apples, if you don’t like sweet foods a lot, then substitute apple sauce with cheese! Make sure it’s the low calorie and non-fat kinda cheese, alright?


Baked Apple

Baked apples can get all dressed up and filled with oats, nuts, and other tasty stuff. But for a simple low-cal version, core a tennis-ball sized apple, dust it with cinnamon, and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (or until tender, but not mushy).


Mexican Potato

Ah, if you are looking for low calorie snacks with potatoes then look no further. Baking is passé; microwaving your potato is the new thing that’s in! Take a medium sized potato and poke it a couple of times with a fork. Then microwave it for a couple of minutes till it becomes soft. Add Greek yogurt, cheese, hummus or a tsp of salsa on top of it. Eat it when hot, or when it’s cooled down – totally up to you.


White Bean Salad

All you need are 1 tbsp. scallions (sliced), some lemon juice, ¼ cups tomatoes and white beans each… And then all you gotta do is to mix them together!


Pumpkin Yogurt

If you love Greek Yogurt, then this is for you. Take 1/4 cup pumpkin puree and add it to 1/3-1/2 cup of yogurt. Add a little vanilla extract, stevia, cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice blend and much away!


15 Almonds

Much like pistachios, almonds are the type of low calorie snacks that you can carry anywhere with you (even in your pocket) and eat whenever you’re hungry.


Fruit Butter on top of an English muffin!

Fancy yourself some English muffins? Now’s their time to shine! Just take half a muffin (whole-wheat) and add 1 tsp apple, almond or pumpkin butter on top of it.



One medium sized watermelon has only 88 calories (remember – it’s mostly composed of water). And yes while this option may not be the most convenient for you, it’s hands down the healthiest one. Especially during summers, when your body requires constant hydration.


Simple Low Calorie Snacks Under 100 Calories

Here’s a brief summation of other food items that you can eat, along with their calorie serving.

  • "Snack-A-Jacks" Popcorn (Lightly Salted): 2 bags give you 98 calories

  • Miso soup: 57 calories

  • Mini Vegetable Samosa: 70 calories

  • Quavers Crisps: 87 calories

  • "Rod & Ben’s" Pea & Mint Soup (100g): 62 calories

  • Jaffa Cakes: 90 calories

  • Guilt Free Orange And Chocolate Oat Bars (Elizabeth Hurley): 100 calories

  • Aero Bubbleball: 99 calories

  • "Skinny Cow" Ice Cream: 1 serving gives you 100 calories

  • Werthers Originals: 5 pc = 100 calories

  • Fun-Size Milky Way: 76 calories

  • 10 Salted Peanuts: 74 calories

  • 3 Celery Stick pieces with With Cottage Cheese: 75 calories

  • Lightly Buttered Oatcakes: 2 pc =100 calories

  • Potato Wedges With Ketchup: 3 pc = 100 calories


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