It is that time of the year again, when applicants tirelessly look for ways to better their chances of being admitted to the medical school of their choice. If you have been interviewed by the school and are on the school’s wait list, you should consider writing a letter of intent medical school to increase your chances of being admitted.

What Is a Letter of Intent Medical School?

A letter of intent to a medical school is pretty like a love letter, just that it is addressed to a medical school. It is a letter written by an applicant to a medical school to express his or her interest to join the particular school. In your letter of intent, it is imperative to mention why you would like to join that particular school and not any other. Additionally, you should elaborate why you prefer the environment, curriculum and student culture of the school you are applying to. You should also state clearly what you will contribute to the medical school you are applying to if admitted.

Why Should You Write a Letter of Intent Medical School?

If well drafted, the medical school letter of intent can achieve two important things:

  • It will let the admission team believe that you are ready to join the institution if you are given the chance.

  • It will let those in charge of the admission process know that the institution is your top choice.

During the admission process, the people in charge of the admission process have to choose some applications over others. It may happen that your application is equal, in all measures, to another application. In such a case, the admissions team will opt for the candidate they feel is more enthusiastic about the school. Basically, any accepted candidate who joins the institution contributes to the “yield” of the school. This is the percentage of the accepted students who end up joining the school and is among the aspects used to determine the prestige and rank of medical schools. This is where the letter of intent comes in; if you had sent a letter of intent to the school, you will be more likely to secure the admission.

When Should You Write a Letter of Intent Medical School?

You have already applied to, have been interviewed and shortlisted in your dream medical school; what next? The next thing to do would be to write a letter of interest medical school, but when is the perfect time to submit the letter? Many sources will tell you that the letter should be written early in the application season for medical schools. However, it is best that you wait until later in the application process, after you have been interviewed and shortlisted. This is not only the best timing to submit the letter of intent, but it also makes the letter more convincing to the admissions team. This shows that you have evaluated your choices and are ready to join the institution.

What Is the Proper Format for a Letter of Intent Medical School?

Basically, the letter should be short and straight to the point. Additionally, it should also be eloquent, passionate and addressing the reader directly. At the beginning of the letter, you should have a clear statement, indicating your readiness to join the institution if admitted. Mentioned here is the appropriate format to follow while writing a medical school letter of intent.

Paragraph One

Since you are already shortlisted, start the letter by thanking the admission team for considering your application. Express your gratitude that the team took their time to interview you and even shortlist you. After that, you should mention a couple of things you liked about the school when you visited for the interview.


Paragraph Two

This is where you should explain why you are interested in joining the school. While writing this section, you should show the reader of the letter that you know more about the school. Emphasize on a single or a few aspects of the school that you find interesting. For instance, you may choose to include the curriculum as the aspect that draws you to the school. In such a case, you should touch on aspects like the extracurricular activities and opportunities in research. You may also mention other interests, such as public and global health, to support your idea.


Paragraph Three

In this section of the letter, mention how you would benefit the institution, if accepted. For instance, you may mention how you will positively contribute towards improving the environment of the school or how you would benefit the student body. You should give the admission team a reason to select you, in this part, by mentioning how active you will be as a medical student.


Paragraph Four

Briefly close the letter and thank the team again for considering your application.

Sample of Letter of Intent Medical School

Dear Director of Admissions or Dean,

I am Helen Jones, currently applying to the World University School of Medicine (WUSOM). I attended an interview on December 3rd and am writing to let you know that WUSOM is my top choice medical school and would definitely join the institution-given the opportunity. Again, I would like to mention why I am a perfect fit for the opportunity, as well as reiterate a few of my accomplishments.

While attending my interview, I asked my interviewer, Dr. John, how I can decide on the best medical school for me. He said that I should opt for the perfect fit. I have also attended interviews in other medical schools and learned several things about the schools. In this regard, I find WUSOM the perfect fit medical school for me. I particularly fancy the school’s vision and mission, especially its focus on serving the global and local community. I like the emphasis of the school in small groups and PBL because I also value group and hands-on learning. On the day of the interview, at WUSOM, we encountered students who were happy and proud of the school.

WUSOM is famed for producing mature, diligent and intelligent physicians. I also believe that I have what it takes to be one of these physicians from WUSOM. Since I graduated from the Awesome University, I have been working as a clinical research associate on a full time basis. This position exposed me to an array of patients and got an opportunity to author a paper on a research we were conducting on breast cancer. I also participated in designing the study, collecting the data and analyzing it. I am currently working towards improving my communication skills. In this regard, I believe that the institution will make me a better physician. Over the years, WUSOM has been a leader in cutting edge research. I will be proud to continue the tradition of research greatness in the institution.

I will be a great honor for me to join WUSOM. I am positive that I can have a positive contribution to the school. Thank you so much for reviewing my application. I am hoping to join you in the fall.

Best wishes,

Helen Jones


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