Monday mornings are here again, and your roommate had promised to pay you 20 bucks at the end of the week for you to wake him up every morning. So you have tried to nudge and budge him to wake up, but he isn't moving an inch. How to wake someone up? While you can give him your tightest slap and maybe throw in a bucket of water, why not try out the following fun and arguably creative way to get him right off the bed?

How to Wake Someone Up: 10 Creative & Funny Ways You Can Try


Raise a false fire alarm

Unless you are living in an apartment, raising the fire alarm and resorting to shouting and shrieking off the top of your lungs might just do the trick. Get the fire alarm system going and go mad with your yelling as if has really caught on fire. He will wake up in record time (hopefully anyway, you might need a new roommate if he didn't) and with the added bonus of hard time hitting the bed, with all the shock and panic. Slap in a wet towel right his face for the extra realism effect.

Now all that's left is explain your shrieking to the neighbors, good luck!


Wrapped them in bubble wrap

If your friend refuses to wake up but tends to roll from one end of the bed to another, it's time to have some fun. Get hold of bubble wraps and replace the linens bordering the bed with the wraps. Whenever he moves you can be sure to have a giggle or two. Your friend will end up woken up too, by the strange popping noises and weird bubbly plastic feel on his body. If you can get those factory sized bubble wrap, try to wrap him in one. Tighten with duct tape and wait for him to yell at you.


Smelling salt

It's such a pleasant morning and failing to wake up your friend just had to ruin it. He doesn't budge to your cooing and continue to lay motionlessly, even brushing you off at one point. So how to wake someone up? We are going to have him a smell of a pretty homemade stink bomb. It's really simple, all you need is an unwashed sock from last night and held it right to his nose. That rotten smell should pierce him instantly and forcibly wake him up.

If you are looking for something with subtle impact, hand those socks in front of the fan or the air conditioner. Leave and wait the smell to spread. That should be enough to kick him right off dream land. What's more, the smell is going to linger for awhile so you can guarantee he won't stay in for long.


Tape alarm clock to wrist

For this process, all you will need is a duct tape and some sort of alarm. If your friend has those digital alarm clock (and for whatever reason, doesn't use it), set it for 5 minutes later and tape down right on his wrist. You might also tape his phone to his wrist. Give it a call and marvel at your new invention.


Scary mask

Halloween has passed and you wonder how the mask invested can see more use. Well, put it on and give your friend a rude awakening. Get close to his face and start to pester him to open his eyes up. One the best method is to whisper a phrase, gradually getting louder. The phrase itself? Think of anything you want, whether is the recipe for lemon juice or the incantation to summon the Old Gods, let those creative juice flow. Watch his eye goes from slit to an immediate pop out once he sees a monster right in his face. Don't forget to brace for the scream.

If you worried that your friend might beat the living out of the first thing he sees (i.e. you in the scary mask) out of panic, put the mask on a broomstick and keep a safe distance.


Blanket game

While we like to call it a game, your friend might call it torture.You are going to pretend to be a flesh eating zombie or the even better, the sandworm from Dune. Sneak up on the foot of your friend's bed and get right under those covers. Crawl in and towards your friend and I can bet it will flip him out.

Although your risk is obvious, which includes a various form of facial damage, get yourself ready to prevent that foot from remotely touching your face. Have fun!


Draw on their face

Surely your friend's want you to wake him up, but that doesn't mean you should miss this moment to let out your artistic side on the canvas that is his handsome face. Grab some marker or lipstick, preferably something that will go off in a rinse. Go wild with your tools, the limit is your imagination. If he is going to have an important interview later one, that's even better. Keep drawing for a few minutes until you think he had enough sleep or makeover, whichever comes first. Grab a mirror to his face and get his eyes open.


The tickle monster

No one can resist the tickle, considering the history long record of it being used as torture. There is nothing that gets people laughing harder than a tickle in the right spot. Start small, a light tickle on the feet and watch for a reaction. Abuse your power more and make sure he is totally awake before you stop. The run from his attempt for revenge.


Mosquito repellent

Mosquito repellent doesn't simply repel mosquitos. It will eject you straight out of the lily fields of dreamland. Just spray those liberally around the room, focusing on the area around him (never at his face, we do condone pranks in the name of fun, not brutality). Do practice self-control since it could be pretty fatal. All that is left now is for the repellent to punch him right in the nostrils and scrambling for fresh air.


Pop a balloon

If your friend doesn't really mind having his bed wet, try this method for size. Filled a balloon with ice-cold water. Drop it right on his face while he is still in his beauty trance. Before you burst the balloon, consider putting a towel to capture the water around his head area, then start singing the happy birthday song loudly. Once he starts to open his eyes, drop the bomb on his face and dash away from the impending fury.


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