Antique Chinese vase not only good decorations but also a good choice of collection and investment. Then how to tell Chinese vase is antique or not can be essential. Below are some helpful tips for you.

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Quality and beauty

Any antique Chinese vase will have been made with care and attention, and whether it was an intricately-decorated piece, or a whiteware vase, it should have maintained its high production value and beauty.

Dynasty-specific design

An antique Chinese vase should reflect the techniques and trend from the age it was made. Its shape, colour and design should all correspond to a specific dynasty.

Strong color

A lot of time has passed since the antique was made, but the process and materials used should have resulted in an item that kept its colour. The colours should be harmonious and fit with the palette typical of one of the dynasties.


How to Care for an Antique Chinese Vase

If you want to protect your antique Chinese vase, then keep it safely stored, and limit handling. However, if the item was bought to be displayed, then it should be shown off in a way that limits knocks or possible breakage. Damage often occurs when cleaning, so either take the item to an expert, or use soft, non-abrasive materials and solutions that won’t scratch or corrode the surface.


Popular Antique Chinese Vases

Manufacturers of antique Chinese vases and ceramics are best considered by the dynasties during which they were made.

  • Shang

  • Zhou

  • Qin

  • Western Han

  • Xin

  • Eastern Han

  • Three Kingdoms

  • Western Jin

  • Eastern Jin

  • Sui

  • Tang

  • Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms

  • Northern Song

  • Southern Song

  • Liao

  • Jin

  • Western Xia

  • Yuan

  • Ming

  • Qing


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