Teasing a woman has its own charm, but know that rule No.1 of teasing a woman is that you simply can't tease a woman you’ve just met or only have just begun dating. Why? Well obviously because she isn’t comfortable enough with you to be able to share that dynamic with you. Plus, you don’t know much about her either so you can't say whether your teasing will make her laugh or horrendously offend her.

How to Tease a Woman


Nicknames are cute

And silly nicknames are even cuter. But of course, it all depends on how close you are to her. If you just meet her, avoid nicknames. The only exception to this rule is if you two already share an inside joke, like how she accidentally confessed to being a geek that one time. In such a case, you can call her, say, The Doctor’s companion (a Doctor Who reference).

If you two are on casual terms, a safe nickname like Dimples, emphasising on an outstanding feature of hers, would work perfectly fine. If you two are on good terms, then you can easily call her a punk, brat or even your “sugar mama” if you want. This all depends on the type of relationship you two share with each other.


But, focus on the positive sides

When giving her a nickname, you obviously have to keep a positive one, like Dimples, Freckles, Blondie or Angel. Calling her fatty or chubby (despite you meaning no offense) might come off as hurtful to her or even those around her. Never use any negative attribute of hers as a nickname. That only works with BFFs. Always keep this in mind when working on how to tease a woman.


Try Dad jokes

Wikipedia describes dad jokes as “a pejorative term used to describe a corny, unfunny, or predictable joke”. Here’s a popular example:

“Hey dad, I’m gay.”

“Hi Gay, I’m dad!”

The art of absurdifying a situation beyond belief provides room for instant laughter, assuming she has a sense of humor. This is a very safe, fun and inoffensive way of how to tease a girl. If it also makes her laugh, then there are bonus points – standing out in her eyes. Use daily life examples, like where she’s from, her fav TV actor or her fav color, and use them time and again in Dad jokes.


Pass on objects

So while you’re talking to her, keep handing her stuff, like a pencil, a pen, a stapler, a book... till she gets a confused look on her face. And right then, give her another object but right when she extends her hand to take it from you, pull back. She’s bound to smile at you for pulling such a silly trick on her. Obviously, this isn’t something that you can use on her on a regular basis. Such jokes get very old very quickly.


Insert yourself into the situation

This shows her that you’re not just taking it out on her. It shows you’re up for a little fun yourself. So when she comes up to you to ask something, you could say something like:

“I know I’m a genius Lola, and I gotta say, I love the attention you’ve been giving me lately.” It’ll make you look like an idiot, and hopefully she’ll be smart enough to understand the joke and laugh at you.


Self-deprecation works too

But only till the time you don’t go overboard. A man who can laugh at himself will never find the issue of how to tease a woman and making her laugh difficult. Plus, it will also make her more comfortable around you, because people awe perfection but may just want to warship those perfect people from a distance. When you reveal your shortcomings subtly, she will begin to see you as someone who is not only flawed, but is completely okay being flawed. Here’s an example:

“Kate, I know this makes me sound dumb, but do you mind telling me how I balance these accounts together? I just can’t find what I’m doing wrong. And you know how I suck at Math”


Accuse her of hitting on you

You can do this when you are joking about each other or keeping passing her objects, or you can use it in a standalone situation. That’s completely up to you. Women are often used to being the centre of men's attention; they are used to the ones being hit on. It seldom happens that they make a move, far less than being accused of it. So for example:

  • If she comes closer to you to, say, show something on her phone or to copy a contact from your phone, take a few steps back and with a completely shocked expression, say: “Woah Karren, I know you’re into me but girl, I got my own personal space you know.” And when she looks surprised, just burst out laughing and tell her that you've tricked her!

  • Another variation is when she comes to you asking for something, and you reply: “You know Gina, I’m not the type of guy who’d give up anything without at least going on a date first.”


Keep challenging her

This is literally one of the best ways of how to tease a woman. Whenever you two are doing something together, make it a game, not competitive but playful, and see who can win. For example, are you two photocopying office papers? See who can get the max copies out in 2 minutes flat. Or if you two are sitting together and have nothing better to do, play a spontaneous Thumb Game. Make it a thing that only you two share.


“Break” things off with her

So let’s use the first example of Doctor Who where she confessed to being a nerd. Gasp, and say something like:

“OMG Mona, WHY did you have to be a geek? Don’t you know I’m only attracted to women who don’t have great taste when it comes to TV shows? That’s it. We’re through”.

Such an “insult” has a 3 fold purpose:

  • It makes fun of you and your taste in women;

  • It tells her she’s not an airhead and has great taste in TV shows;

  • It shows her you’re close and comfortable enough with her to joke about not being friends with her any more.


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