There are some things in life which will make us sad, and more often than not, there is nothing we can do to change them. If we cannot change the negative aspects of our life that make us depressed and melancholy, the best we can do is to learn how to stop being sad.

Being sad and melancholy is an inevitable part of our live, one that we cannot ignore; what we can do, however, is to try and not stay sad, and go on with our lives.

Top 10 Tips on How to Stop Being Sad

Knowing how to stop being sad is a very important part of our lives, because if we give in to the negative sides of life, it will be very hard to be happy and content.

Come to Terms with It

Whether it is because you have lost someone you loved, or if you have just heard some bad news, or you are facing problems in your career or relationships - you need to come to terms with what's making you sad. Pushing something negative to the back of your head and refusing to think about it will only make you more agitated and restless, and it is not a good way to deal with sadness. Think about what's making you sad, but not so much that you start obsessing about it constantly.


Talk About It

If there's someone that you trust to understand you, talk to them. Share with them what's causing your sadness, and ask their advice. Someone who understands you will know the right things to say, and hearing the right things can make you feel better in seconds. Empathy and sympathy are two very powerful weapons that human beings have in their lives, and talking about your problems to a loved one can help you tremendously.


Get Out in Nature

In moments that you are feeling especially melancholy, nature can help in making you feel refreshed. Get out for a walk or a jog, even a very short one around the block can make a difference; just sit in the park or in your backyard to take everything in, if you don't have the time. A little sunshine, some fresh air, flowers and birds, company of people sharing the beauty of the outside world - everything can work wonders in lifting your spirits.


Get Some Exercise

If you want to know how to stop being sad, you need to start getting some physical exercise, even if you didn't before. Physical exhaustion is a good way to not be sad for a while, because it is scientifically proven that getting physical exercise releases special hormones in your body that triggers happiness and wellbeing.


Enjoy Human Touch

Some human touch is absolutely necessary for people, especially for those who want to know how to stop being sad. Just a friendly hug or a pat on the shoulders, a kiss or a caress is very effective in making you feel better and relieving tension from the body, especially if from a loved one. When a person is sad, being physically close to another human being - just by sitting together, holding hands - can help ease the situation and make both of them feel better.


Treat Yourself to Something

Sometimes, you need to treat yourself to something nice to feel happy. Take the day off work and do something that you like - watch a movie, go book shopping, spend a day at a spa, buy some expensive clothes, and treat yourself to some exquisite dessert without worrying about calories. For many people, splurging and spending money is something that makes them happy; so, if you are one of them, treating yourself to something nice might be a good way to learn how to stop being sad.


Remember the Bigger Picture

No matter how serious your problems seem to make you sad, remember: they are probably very small compared to the problems of someone else or the rest of the world. If there is something that's bothering you - a bad news or a negative incident in your life - tell yourself that this problem too, like everything else, will pass away in some days. Almost no sadness in our lives stays forever, and one day, we all forget the bad things that have happened to us and move on. Always focus on the bigger picture, and you can learn to let go of what's making you sad,


Check Your Actions

When we are feeling sad, lonely and melancholy is usually the time when we, unwillingly and unconsciously, take some hasty decisions that can leave negative effects on our entire lives. Therefore, we need to take care to check our actions so that, when being very sad, we do not find ourselves in situations that could affect us negatively, such as, rash or drunken driving, saying something we will regret later, etc.


Change Your Environment

If it's possible, change your environment/location. Take the chance and leave everything behind for some time, go away somewhere else to change the scenery. A change of environment can often help a lot to improve your mood and increase your happiness, especially if your previous location was a constant reminder of something sad in your life. Visit your relatives at the countryside, or plan to stay the weekend with a friend; if possible, take a vacation to another country.


Change Your Routine Life

Sometimes, it is our monotonous routine life that makes us feel suffocated and melancholy. In such a scenario, try to break the routine and do something spontaneous that will make you feel better; this can be a sudden vacation somewhere you've always wanted to go, or visiting your partner's workplace to give them a surprise, or starting a book club with friends, or enrolling in a salsa dancing class with your partner. Anything that's out of your daily life will cheer you up when you are feeling sad.


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