Such moments occur during the course of life when we become hopeless and see the dark side of everything. But Instead of panicking from the situation and allowing fear to overcome our abilities, we can look at it as a whole new chance to rebound, re-build and tell the world what we are made of! Each new day gives us an opportunity to grow again.

How to Start Over in Life


Whine a little

Yes! Start with the very basic thing when you need to start over in life. You need to let all those thoughts come into your mind which are not letting you move forward in life, all those issues which you think you can’t resolve. Running away from thoughts and your nightmares doesn’t do anything good rather it helps them grow stronger and more destructive. You need to sit down and think if you were on the wrong path. You should have been better than this. Talk to any single person out there with whom you feel comfortable to admit your mistakes and the wrong turns you took in life.


Quit for a while

When you are all messed up with problems and failures, you need to stop whatever you are up to and need to give it a break. Life is a complicated thing, it has ups and downs, moments of joy and sorrow. So, when life does not work out for you, all you need is to stop , sit tight and relaxed.


Determine exactly who you want to be

What to do next? Now is the time to make a new plan and take a new road to success. Remember the time when you were just a boy with lots of dream. This is what you need to do right now! You need to dream again. You should set your path and follow it with full determination and passion. Get a pen and a piece of paper and make a list of things. Things that drive you, things that don’t make you tired even If you work on them all night long. You really need to work hard because to make an omelet you need to break some eggs.


Be adaptive

Have faith in yourself and don’t lose hope. Changing the course of your life will bring you new challenges. You will do things which you never did before. You will have a new routine and will meet new people. Things wouldn’t be smooth in the start but it will get better with time. You need to be focused.


Value your relationships

Apart from working on yourself, you need to work on your relations as well. People around you are the part of your life which cannot be ignored. A man is known by the company he keeps. So keep friends that are good enough to fit in your life circle. Don’t drag a relation when you already know it’s over. Keep yourself away from the people who have never been supportive rather have created problems for you. Stay connected with the people who never let you down and who stay by your side in every thick and thin of life. 


Know your strength for planning

Think about the things you are good at, think about what you are capable of, think of your abilities and your strengths. This will help you to simplify the situation and develop a better understating of the things you have planned to do in your new life. 

If it is clear and you have reached that point when you know what you can start, you need to make a effective plan. To do this, you need to start with the easy things first, things which make you happy and make you feel satisfied, and things which you find interesting and doesn’t make you feel boring no matter how much time you spend doing them.


Fears and grief are normal

When starting a new life you need to know that it’s not going to be easy. You should have a clear idea of all the odds you have to face in your new path. You need to be a factual person and be realistic about life. Keep in mind all the wear and tear you got to face. Make strategy to minimize the problems but don’t be afraid of them. Great things are never achieved without any risks.

You are going to turn yourself into a totally different person. This would make you feel sad about a few things you had in the past. That is obvious! No matter how bad our past is, we still got some things worth remembering. You need to feel these things. You need to feel sorrow which will help you in clearing your mind that everything you are doing with yourself you are doing it for good. Because when you're finding answers to how to start over in life, you need to pay for it.


Prepare for the unpredictable

Make yourself strong and determined for the things to come. There may be surprises you haven’t met before, things you never wanted to do before, people you never met before and places you never visited before. This is life and life is unpredictable. Just hold yourself together and prepare yourself for new circumstances.


Be enthusiastic

Don’t just wait for the magic to happen. Try to imagine what it is going to be like. Make yourself excited about the new ventures of your life. Take a deep breath and try to get relaxed. Note down things that you want to do. Think of them over and over again and even dream of them. What is it going to be like? What would you plan next? Keep making plans and keep thinking about them. Have a clear image in your mind!


Have a support system

Create your own “backup”.  Try to be a more flexible person. Try to accept changes and learn to explore new things when you have a choice. Don’t just stick to the things which you already have or have got in your life especially when you have an alternative. Sometimes we have got better options - all we need to do is to look from another dimension and see through all the possibilities. Just get the best out of everything. And you finally know how to start over in life, so take action to have a completely brand new life.


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