It may be your own house, but there are some times when you want to know how to sneak out without getting caught. It may be because you have a party to stop by, friends to meet, or a concert to attend, but there are occasions when you have to know the tricks of the trade.

This is definitely not something that should be in your textbooks, but every teenager - or sometimes someone older - should know the ways of sneaking out of your home.

10 Tips That Can Help You Sneak Out Whenever You Want

Something as devious as knowing how to sneak out without getting caught requires you to follow certain tips and advice, as discussed below in this article.

Devise the Whole Plan

Knowing how to sneak out without getting caught requires you to make the whole plan beforehand, perhaps weeks before the actual day. This gives you enough time to go through the details again and again, and if needed, change some aspects of the plan. If you need some special props for the big day, keep them handy as well, i.e. a dress for the party, tickets for the concert, etc.


Be Acutely Knowledgeable About Other People

Since you are actually planning sneaking out, you need to be 100% sure of others' plans for that day as well. This is very important in knowing how to sneak out without getting caught! Be sure you know what every other person in your house is doing at the time of your departure. You wouldn't want to go through the pain of sneaking out only to meet someone in the driveway.


Pick out the Perfect Time

This depends on a lot of factors, but you need to know how to pick the perfect time if you want to learn how to sneak out without getting caught by your family members. You need to start your attempt early in case you get caught up late; you need to know what time your parents go to work, if you are attempting a daytime jailbreak. If this is at night that you are sneaking out, you need to be sure when your parents go to bed, or whether they have a habit of checking up on you at night.


Keep Your Escape Route Planned

Your escape route is also very important in your plan; always keep all the factors of your escape route planned. If you are escaping via the front door, be sure to know how many locks you will have to unlock. Each moment inside the house is going to increase your chances of getting caught, so keep each step planned so that you can make your escape as soon as possible. In particular, if you are escaping through your window, be sure that you have enough practice of doing so.


Keep the Escape Route Clear, Too

Not only do you need to plan your escape route, you have to keep it clear as well. If you are going out through the window, you don't want to step on a skateboard and break your leg, do you? If you are going out the back door in a dark night, be sure to remove all the breakables in your route so that you don't crash into something and wake up the whole house!


Know the Weak Points of Your House

If you live in a house with stairs and wooden floors, you would know what I mean. There might be some stairs or a part of the hardwood floor that creaks, and the last thing you would want is to wake up your family and get them come searching for a burglar. Wearing no shoes or just socks might help you in such situations, but it helps to know the weak points of the house.


Keep an Accomplice Close

It might help if you have an accomplice with you - a younger sibling, or a friend next door who can offer a hand. You might need help from someone inside the house to help you keep updated with the situation, i.e. if your parents suddenly decide to come home early from their party when you are out enjoying a forbidden event of your own!


Keep a Cool Head

All through the whole process, you need to keep a cool head. If you panic, you might find yourself out of the house without your keys to come back in, or without your cell phone. More importantly, you might forget your concert passes, or the address for the party you were going to, and you might have to try and come back inside the house again - ruining all plans of escape.


Don't Let Your Behavior Betray You

You are planning something monumental in your mind, but don't let that show on your face. Act naturally, because otherwise, your family members - most importantly, your parents - would certainly get the hint that something is going on. Don’t do something that is completely different from your normal behavior, or something that would betray what you are feeling inside. Don’t stammer or sweat if they ask you something, don't hesitate to answer their question, or show anger. Be as natural as you can manage to be, because you don't want them to become suspicious of your behavior.


Always Keep an Excuse Ready

You need to think of an excuse in case you get caught, an excuse that should be believable and natural. Wear your party outfit under your normal clothes, so that your parents don't get suspicious if they happen to catch you. If you are caught outside your room, you were thirsty and going for a drink; if they find you in the kitchen after midnight, you were looking for a snack! Keep your excuse ready and at the tip of your tongue, because there is always a chance you might get caught.


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