You just paid a ridiculous sum to get yourself inside a festival, so now you’re too broke to even consider paying 10 bucks for a drink once you get there. So, the natural question arises, how to sneak alcohol into a festival? Being completely sober throughout the thing is not particular enticing, so how do you go about it without being caught? If you recognize yourself in the description, this list of tips on how to sneak alcohol into a festival will surely come in handy.

15 Original Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Festival


The innocent water bottle

The traditional water bottle is a good way to sneak your alcohol in. Careful though, some guards may check the seal because they suspect such tactics. For this reason, a guy managed to find a way to reseal the bottle. You cut an intact bottle near the top, insert the piece in very hot water and wait for it to become flexible. Remove the cap and cut the tiny plastic parts that keep it locked. Now apply it to another bottle, and voila. Your water bottle can pass inspection and you can reuse it however many times you like.


The tanning lotion

This one is pretty obvious. Take a bottle or tube of a cosmetic product, such as a tanning or after sun lotion. Empty it and wash it carefully, otherwise you’ll end up drinking lotion flavored vodka. It’s recommendable not to carry more than 2 such products, and make them a SPF and an after sun lotion, otherwise you risk raising suspicions. Apply generously to your bloodstream!


The novelty binoculars

Apparently you can buy binoculars with which you can’t watch anything. That’s because the binoculars don’t have lenses and because you eyesight will get worse with the usage of the drink hidden inside. The eyepieces are actually bottle caps, as you can already imagine. If anyone asks, you want to be able to see the scene clearly.


The fruit basket

This is a bit tricky, but fun nevertheless. It can work even better if you use together with a couple of other methods. Buy oranges or grapes, which are already ideal to mix with vodka. Inject them with a syringe of booze for a delicious and nutritious snack full of vitamins.


The gummy bears

Buy a couple of packs of gummy bears. Empty the bags into a larger zipper bag, but make sure you kept the original packages for later on, when you’ll need them. Pour the alcohol in the Ziploc bag together with the gummies and leave the concoction for a few hours. The bears will absorb the drink like the little booze crazed party animals that they are. Put them back into the original bags and you’re good to go.


The ice cream

Remember those bags with liquid you used to make ice cream from when you were little? Well it’s time to act as a sweet craving kid again. Buy a few fruity delicacies, draw some of the content out with a syringe and then fill them with the drink of your choice. Cover the hole with and put them in the freezer. Remove the tape to avoid suspicion.


The flask

This is a timeless piece and you may already have one. Tape it to your lower leg, or place it in your boot, or in your girlfriend’s bag. Be careful if the guards start patting people, they may find it if it’s taped to your leg.


The flexible flask

This is the upgraded option of the classical flask. Because it’s flexible, it can fit better in more places, like under your straw hat or in your back pockets. You can tape it to your back and add a straw, so it’s easier to drink from. The content of such a flask doesn’t however guarantee you more than a couple of oz. for the evening.


Pringles cans

Because of their shape and size, Pringles cans are the ideal tip on how to sneak alcohol into a festival. You buy one, enjoy the content, but keep a few pieces for the drink trick. You can use it to stash a beer can or something stronger. Fill it to the top with the remaining chips and glue the seal back like a pro. Even if they ask you to open the lid, the seal will look intact.


The sliced bread

This is another great way to stash drink, even in larger amounts. Keep the slices from both ends of the bread intact but make a circular hole through all the others, running from one end of the bread to the other. Insert drink. Close bag. Enjoy!


The tampons

This one is for the ladies or for really thoughtful guys who would do anything for their girlfriends, including carrying tampons. You can buy small refillable vials that are packed like ladies’ intimate hygiene items. They even look like the originals.


The bra

Another one for the ladies. Go for the voluptuous look by padding your bra with drink bags. You can even fit your air drink bags with a flexible straw for ease of access. Dress appropriately. The best part is that the bodyguards won’t dare to pat you because, well…


The beer gut

This is the male version of the bra trick. You can buy an actual strap-on beer belly. It has the right shape, size and everything. Alternatively, you can buy a large and thin drink bag to tape to your back. Fit it with a straw and wear a jacket. If the bouncers start patting people, you want the bag to feel like an actual part of your body.


The chair

You can buy a pillow-shaped portable chair that lets you carry about one bottle of wine. It’s called a Sippin Seat and you can actually sit on it as well, so that’s a bonus.


The hidden treasure

We’ve kept the best trick for last. While this method is definitely the most difficult to put in practice and requires preparation in advance, at the same time it’s risk free and guarantees you the largest quantity of drink. So here is how it goes. Do you know how pirates used to keep stashes of rum on some remote islands, in case an emergency suddenly strikes? Well, so will you go to the festival site with a week in advance and bury your treasure there. Make sure to place it near an immovable landmark, so you’ll know for sure where to get it from. This is definitely our preferred tip on how to sneak alcohol into a festival.


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