Want to fight off colds and flu? Then you’d better act fast! According to the University of Arizona scientists, it will only take around four hours for a sick person to spread infectious viruses in office surfaces. These affected areas usually include handles of coffeepots, buttons of copy-machines, and doors of refrigerators. Thus, it is important to always arm yourself with the best defense against a cough, fever, aches, and other miseries.

Below are some of the tested tips and techniques that you can use to win against viruses. These strategies came from people who are often exposed to these germs including doctors and politicians.

How to Prevent Getting a Cold


Wash hands

Always wash your hands after using them. This should be done after every activity such as doing chores or even after shaking hands with others. Be sure to run water over your hands in order to dilute any germs present and flush them down to the drain.


Sanitize your hands

Always have with you a sanitizing gel, alcohol, or alcohol-based wipes. However, be sure to check the labels of the products before buying or using as there are some that might cause allergies especially to sensitive skin.


Hands off

Keep your hands off in areas where there are high amounts of germs. Avoid frequent touching of your nose, ears, and eyes as these are the common areas where the germs are thriving.


Get enough rest and sleep

Be sure to sleep at least 8 to 10 hours a night. This will ensure healthier body and stronger resistance. Tiredness and restlessness will not give you the energy to fight hard when the need arises, so better get the much-needed sleep whenever possible.


Get a shot

Annual flu-shots should be a priority. This is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself in order to prevent getting a cold and other health related diseases.


Eat proper diet

How to prevent getting a cold? Eat healthy and well-balanced meals at all times. This should include plenty of fruits and vegetables to support the proper functioning of the immune system.


Exercise regularly

Try to exercise and sweat out regularly. This routine will enhance the functioning of the body especially its immunity system.


Change your lifestyle

Though this may be hard, this is the best way to prevent getting colds and other diseases. Change your lifestyle by dropping the bad habits and continuing with the good ones. If you are smoking, try to stop or even limit the activity as this can decrease the immune response of the body, which may increase the risk of infections.


Distance yourself

As much as possible, stay away or keep a distance from people who are showing symptoms of colds including coughing and sneezing.


Caution on the dip

Eating and sharing food is not always a good idea. Be sure to keep an eye on the food you eat including the dip. This may be harboring germs brought about by the double-dippers which can be passed on from one person to another.


Be well guided

Be aware of the different symptoms of colds. More than anybody, you know yourself better, so always pay attention to what your body says. Act immediately if there are showing signs in order to stop the occurrence of cold before it brings you to a hold.


Drink plenty

Stay hydrated at all times. Drink water or juice to cut down any possible symptoms of colds and other related diseases.


Sip a cup of tea

How to prevent getting a cold? Try this! Drinking tea, such as green tea with honey and lemon, while breathing in the steam can help in stimulating the cilia in the nose. This activity will not only bring relaxation to you, but will also effectively remove the germs present in your nose. Additionally, the lemon component will thin down the mucus while the honey is known to be a good antibacterial agent.


Fix your protein

Including protein in your diet is a must in order to prevent getting a cold. The high protein diet can boost the immune system of the body. So be sure to eat protein-rich food including eggs, fish, and yogurt.


Clean your area or space

Germs that cause colds are everywhere, so be sure to keep your environment clean. When you are in the gym, be sure to place a towel first instead of sitting directly on the bench or on the mat. Clean equipment and handles with antibacterial wipes before using them. Office areas should also be kept clean and sanitized. Disinfect areas that are commonly used and touched including telephones, doorknobs, microwaves, elevator buttons, and even your own chair.


Breathe out

When you are walking past a coughing or sneezing person, gently exhale until you are about 6 to 10 feet away from him. This will ensure that you are not inhaling the contaminated air that can lead to infection and diseases.


Use essential oils

The use of essential oil not only relaxes the body and the mind but also helps in maintaining a clean body. Having a few drops of essential oil particularly lavender oils can be an effective sanitizer that you can use in your hand.


Get a massage

Massage plays an important role in the blood circulation of the body. This enhances the immunity through cell nourishment with the essential oils This also helps in relaxation that makes you feel more stress-free and have better immune system


Have “me” time

Give time for yourself. Stay at home and feel all the positive vibes. Learn to take good care of yourself and never take all your needs for granted.


Smile and stay happy

How to prevent getting a cold? According to studies, being happy can help you a lot. Activities and pleasurable behaviors such as positive thinking, pet cuddling, and even sexual intercourse can encourage a boost in the functioning of your immune system.


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