Kids and youngsters being mischievous and naive have a propensity for indulging in activities that more often than trouble themselves the most. For instance, it isn’t rare for children to lock themselves inside their own rooms or bedrooms. Most parents and guardians feel completely at a loss under the circumstances as they simply have no clue on how to unlock or open the locked door without keys.

Attempting to open a door that has locked automatically might be frustrating especially in the absence of the right key. There are numerous items and tools in the house including safety pin, paper clip, screwdriver, and Allen wrench that you can put to good use that otherwise lie idle. 

How to Open Door Lock Without a Key


Use a Bump Key

Trying to open a lock with the help of a bump key can be remarkably effective especially when you’re trying to unlock a door to a room that has been remained closed for quite a long period of time. You can also make use of the bumping technique when you’re trying to barge into the house of an old relative or kin to make sure everything is fine. But this technique needs practice and may damage the clock especially the old ones. To bump a lock, you'll need a suitable key that comes in handy.

  • Though most locksmiths will refrain from chipping a bump key as per your specifications, you may find one if you browse on the net. Alternatively, you can fashion a key on your own using some metalworking tools. 

  • Tumbler and pin locks have a round part which turns if the pins inside them line up and stop blocking the way. So once you have a key ready, push it inside the lock and turn it sideways so as to lift the maximum number of pins. 

  • When you hear a clicking sound, you know that a pin has been lifted by teeth of the lock and then dropped back to the cut under it. You’ll feel instinctively that the door is about to be unlocked when you keep on turning the key. 

  • Here comes the last step. Strike the key with force using a small hammer or rubber mallet till the last pin opens up, unlocking the lock and the door.


Use a Pick Set

The second technique on how to open door lock without a key will require you to use a tension pick set. This technique needs extensive practice and you won’t readily find a pick set in the market as only certified locksmiths have the licensed to buy it.

However, it won’t be an issue finding the right implements that’ll collectively work as your improvised pick set. If the lock is simple, a couple of paper clips would suffice. For a more complicated lock, you may need pliers, wire clippers, and some bobby pins. 

These tools in combination fulfill the tasks of picking and wrenching. Push the wrench inside the lock and turn it in several directions till the pins open up. You can push the bobby pins through the lock to facilitate in opening the pins. Here is a video to teach you how to open a locked door with pick set:


Use a Hex Wrench

Majority of the doors that lock from within, usually come outfitted with unique doorknob that have a slit or opening right in the middle. You can use a hexagonal wrench that fits into this hole and helps in unlocking a door that has got locked accidentally. You can source various sizes or widths of hex or Allen wrenches from a hardware store that are shaped like an "L".

  • You’ll have to push the slender end of the wrench inside the opening or hole. You might have to insert wrenches of different sizes till you find appropriate fit. 

  • As far as this technique on how to open door lock without a key is concerned, you’ll have to turn and twist the wrench in a meticulous manner, till you hear a click sound signifying that the tool has latched onto the tooth of the lock. 

  • Turning the wrench slightly in the right direction will release the lock. Here is a video demonstrating how to open a door with hex wrench:


Use a Card

A laminated card like a credit card or a debit card comes to your aid if and only if the door lock is quite old. You won’t be able to use a plastic-coated card for unlocking modernized or sophisticated locks built into the door. 

The card that you use for such a purpose has to be quite bendable or flexible. Chances are that your card may get damaged in the process. Therefore, it is recommended to use a card that you’re not using anymore. 

  • Hold the card in an erect position and carefully slide the longer end in the area that is just in between the lock and the frame of the door. Hold the card in a downward direction positioning it somewhat at the back of the bolt and it should be at right angles to the door. 

  • Draw the card in your direction and simultaneously keep on turning the knob which will create a pressure on the bolt resulting in the unlocking of the door lock. However, keep in mind that if you’ve already set the deadbolt on the lock, trying to open the lock with a plasticized card will not work.


Crack the Hinges

The following procedure on how to open door lock without a key is somewhat crude but can be effective nevertheless. Get hold of a standard screwdriver with a leveled head and try to lodge it in between the last knuckle and the nail of the hinge. Hold the screwdriver’s handle firmly and move it downwards using great force till the nail comes off. Repeat the same procedure with all the other hinges.


Hammer the Lock Off

Trying to break open the lock using a hammer is obviously the only option left to you when all your other attempts to unlock have failed. It’ll be better if you can get a locksmith to do the job. However, if you’re in a hurry, repeatedly hammering on the knob in a downward motion will break the lock.


Ram It Open

This again is another crude way of prising a lock open where you use a screwdriver as a jammer. Obtain a pile driver with a solid handle and envelope it with cement. Allow the cement to dry up completely before ramming it inside the lock and thereafter turn it back and forth till the lock gives away or breaks. Since this procedure will damage your lock and/or door, you’ll have to go in for replacements.


Kick the Door Open

This brute method of how to open door lock without a key is only resorted to during emergencies and if the door is wooden. Again, using this strategy will completely damage your door, door frame, and the lock. Additionally, applying the technique can be physically intimidating. You’ll have to hold onto a strong support like a pillar or railing before you start kicking on the door lock with the base of your foot. Only kicking vigorously continuously will lead to a breaking of the lock.


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