Starting out in life can be hard. Lots of things change when one finally grows out of the shelter that parents provide. A big step in the process of growing is leaving the home you lived in since before you could remember. It is difficult, agreed. But necessary; very necessary. There is quite a lot of advice people can give you on how to move out of your parents’ house, but in the end, it’ll be up to you to make the decision and the transition.

Top 15 Tips on Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House


Do it!

The thing with any task such as moving out of your parents’ house is that you need to be decisive while doing it. Thinking about it and contemplating the decision isn’t going to help you actually go through it. So buckle up and do what is needed. Procrastination is your greatest enemy.


Get help

Moving out isn’t the easiest thing in the world and just like everything else that is hard, you need help. So ask your closest friends to come help you pack up. Ask your parents to help you as it will be as big a transition for them as it is for you. Your friends will also provide you the mental support you need to get through it.


Learn how to cook

One of the biggest stumbling blocks while moving out of your parents’ house is that of food. Knowing how to cook will not only let you have the freedom to stay outside of home but it’ll allow the comfort that afforded by homes. Ordering out may seem good in the short run but trust me, long term? You’ll want to have proper food.


Get a job

There’s not point moving out if you don’t have full time employment. In fact, that will just make things harder by not allowing you to pay for your rent. Remember to always have a plan before rushing into these things. This is a major life step and you want to be fully equipped to handle these situations.


Choose your new residence wisely

A great tip on how to move out of your parents’ house is to know exactly where you want to live. Choose your new place according to your daily travel needs and proximity to your social circle. You wouldn’t feel too good about moving to a place that you don’t like. So choose wisely! You’ll want to be happy at where you live.


It’s going to be hard

Moving out is a bit like stepping out into the real world for the first time. You’re going to have to live on your own and no one will be there to take care of you on a daily basis. The faster you accept this reality, the easier it is going to be to settle in. Reality will bite at times but you will get stronger as you keep persevering.


Don’t cut off all links

Just because you moved out of home doesn’t mean you’ve moved out of your parents’ life. So don’t cut off all contact with them just because you don’t see them that often anymore. They don’t deserve that. Keep things at their place. They will know that you will be back. Talk to your parents regularly on the phone or on Skype. They will still be of immense help.


Keep one eye on storage

Storage is important. Don’t let anyone tell you different. One of the biggest tips in knowing how to move out of your parents’ house is to keep space for things you don’t need in the short term but will need in the future. Invest in some storage space. You won’t go wrong with it.


Invite your parents over

You haven’t known true happiness until you have seen the look on your parents’ face when they see your new place. They will then have seen you grow from a tiny baby to a responsible adult capable of handling your own life. Bring your parents over to your new home; they will love it and so will you!



Since you’re only just starting out in the real world, you shouldn’t expect to live the most hip neighborhood. Learn to be humble. Either way that trait will be seeped deep inside you once you have begun to live out on your own. It will help you live on less, something that is learnt only through experience.


Realize that things change

Nothing is going to last forever, not even your current situation. As you grow older, you will have more and more responsibilities on your shoulder. Situations and people will come and go. Unless you let things be, they will always keep on moving, changing and evolving. Remember this every time you feel low.


Don’t be tempted to move back!

The worst thing you can do in all of this is to move back in with your parents. It might seem easy and tempting and frankly, a lot of people are weak enough to succumb to it. No disrespect to them, but do not move back unless it is an emergency. Learn to be your own person and live your own life.


Save money

This will become more and more apparent to you as you go on with your own life. The art of saving is one you should learn quickly. There is no one to back you up financially like your parents. So learn to live on a budget and cut down the unnecessary spending. Your time for that will come, it is not now.


Have a strong social circle

The biggest change about moving out is the fact that you will be alone more often than not and it is during these times that you will need proper friends to get you by. They will not fill the void left by your parents’ absence but they will provide the value that you can’t get anywhere else.


Get a credit card

A big factor in the art of knowing how to move out of your parents’ house is to know that liquid cash is hard to handle. It is much easier to pay your debt once at the end of the month rather than keep paying throughout the month. Apply for a credit card; it will make your life easier.


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