Did you know that 48% of men who cheat do so because of emotional dissatisfaction? This is according to a study conducted by Garry Newman in his book Truth About Cheating. Sex is vital but apparently, it’s not all about sex! Men who are denied sufficient attention and feel emotionally dissatisfied usually have insecurities and are likely to cheat. Keeping your man happy and letting him know that he is the only one for you, could just be the key to keeping him faithful. Here are some tips on how to make husband happy.

How to Make Your Husband Happy


Prioritize Sex

Wondering how to make your husband happy? Sexual fulfillment is top on the list. Your actions should show that you are getting sexually fulfilled. You may cook very well, take good care of the kids, and even endure an action flick, but all these may not count without sexual fulfillment in the marriage. Your man needs sexual fulfillment. Most husbands do not mind dirty dishes waiting in the sink if their wife is in the bedroom!


Let Him Take the Lead

Another tip on how to make husband happy is to let him lead. Many women are against the idea of submission. But they get it all wrong. Submission does not mean you become a door mat. It simply means you respect your husband as the leader of the home. You are allowed to contribute and give opinions on different topics, but the final decision belongs to the man of the house.


Be Honest

Be honest with each other about everything. Let your husband know how you feel about something instead of pretending to like it as this could later cause problems in your marriage.


Your Appearance Counts

Your husband was most probably hooked to your looks when you were dating. He was attracted to your body and generally your appearance. You should make an effort to look attractive even after you are married. Taking time to dress nicely and keeping in good shape speak volumes. 


Be Spontaneous

Another tip on how to make husband happy is to be spontaneous. You do not have to plan everything out. Just gather a collection of movies, pop some popcorn and stay up all night for a movie marathon. How about camping or driving off to an exciting location you have always wanted to visit? You could also spice up your love life with love notes and drop them in places he will see, like sticking one on the steering wheel or sneaking some into his pockets. This will leave him happy and thinking about you the whole day.


Set a Date Night

With busy schedules, it is easy to lack private time for the both of you. However, date nights are definitely much less expensive than marriage counseling sessions. Regular dates with your spouse are fun and romantic. They help keep the bond between married couples. You will always be looking forward to your date night. It is easy to turn date nights into family business meetings, so guard your dates to ensure they remain for pleasure and recreation for two of you. You could either go out for dinner, a movie or make a home cooked meal together.


Make Your House a Home

The world is already tough enough. Your husband needs to breathe a sigh of relief every time he gets home, away from the troubles of the world. How do you greet your husband? How to make husband happy even if they are tired and wary? Just make an effort to welcome him warmly, walk up to him, look him in the eye and say words like “Sweetheart, I am so happy you are home”.


Parent Together

Kids are very good at getting what they want by dividing you guys. And your home can never be peaceful if you allow them to succeed. It's not only your kids, but also your husband's. Be on the same page with your husband when it comes to parenting, which will save you both lots of troubles and time and help build a happy, lovely family. Unite together and set a good example for your children.


Be Confident and Nice

Being attractive involves much more than just looking sexy. You have to exude a confident attitude as well. At the same time, be kind to your husband and always consider his feelings. As much as you may have bad days sometimes, try to be happy. Be a pleasant person to hang around with. A simple smile will go a long way in making the moments you share with your husband worthwhile. Avoid putting on a long face all day.


Occasional Gifts Have Its Charm

Are you thinking of how to make husband happy? How about a gift once in a while? You could take your time to prepare his favorite home cooked meal or dessert, work on a unique presentation to surprise him, or arrange a romantic activity like a massage or a meal at his favorite restaurant. 

What more, you could make him a playlist of his favorite music or love songs that you have listened to during your relationship. To make it even more romantic, sneak it into his car CD player. A picture of you and your husband or a framed collage of your experiences together will also make a great gift.


Maintain Your Individuality

As much as you are married, you should create time for yourself. You need to be secure and happy with yourself for your husband to be happy with you. It is healthy and enjoyable thing for both of you to spend time with your friends individually. Avoid talking about your husband when you meet with your friends. Use this time to get a break from your marriage life. 

It is normal to share the same interests with your husband. However, do not lose yourself and your hobbies. Giving each other space helps build your relationship in the long term. Always remember to be loyal to and honest with each other, or freedom and individuality may harm your relationship.


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