Living a simple life is usually considered impossible. When we are asked how to live a simple life, we find the idea absurd. We feel that having a lot of things would make us happy and more fulfilled with life. We hold on to things even if they bring us pain or misery, simply because we think that letting go of them would be a loss to us. We sometimes forget that we become more human when we live a simple life.

15 Tips on Living a Simple Life


Focus on one thing at a time

If you are thinking of how to live a simple life, the first thing that you have to do is to focus on one thing at a certain point in time. May it be your dreams or the things that you do every day, devoting your time and energy on one thing may prove to be more effective in the long run.


Build your routine/habit

Humans are creatures of habit. When you follow a certain routine, it will be easier for you to go through your day. Building your routine enables you to accomplish your core tasks in a more efficient way so that you can have more time to do other activities.


Let go of clutter

If you want to know how to live a simple life, you just have to understand how to let go of clutter. Clutter means the things that you have not used in a long time and are only taking up space in your immediate environment and in your life. You may seem to hold on to these things because they are sentimental to you. Yet, when you let go of these things, you would realize how much simpler your life could be.


Have a clean workspace

When your workspace is filled with papers, leftover food, and coffee spills, it is likely that you would not be able to focus on your tasks. When there are a lot of distractions around you, your productivity would suffer. Having a clean workspace truly helps one’s life become simpler.


Organize your things

When your things are all over the place, there is a tendency for you to take so much time in weaving through your things even if you are just looking for one item. However, when you organize your things, it would be easier for you to reach and locate them, thus saving your time and energy for more important things.


Clean as you go

There may be times when you just do not care about how you put away your things. Before you know it, these things have already piled up and there is now a huge dump sitting in your home. Save yourself from the icky feeling by making cleaning an automatic response in everything that you do.


Minimize your clothing

People definitely have this impulse to grow the closet and have a lot of choices in clothes. Yet, they still could not decide which clothes to wear on a particular day or occasion. Rather than filling your closet with a lot of clothes, learn how to minimize and buy classic and timeless pieces. Not only can you pair them easily but they will surely last longer than those that you bought on impulse.


Plan your meals

Thinking about where to eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a taxing thing to do. Not only would you waste countless minutes deciding where to eat but you would also be spending too much for just one meal. Make your life simpler by planning your meals. This will help you save money and eat healthier meals.


Get rid of unnecessary monthly expenses

If you truly want to know how to live a simple life, get rid of unnecessary monthly expenses. After working hard payday after payday, it is such a waste to see your money fly towards monthly expenses. Reassess and think whether you still need them or if there is an alternative. Getting rid of them would really make your life simpler.


Track your expenses

For you to have a simple life, you have to check where your money is going. Are you making wise budgeting decisions? Are you always going out of your plan? When you do not have a plan on your expenses, it is easy to be out of control. Tracking your expenses makes things clearer for you.


Clarify things

There are instances when you are feeling confused on a lot of things. Even if things were not clear to you, you went on anyway, only to realize that you are headed towards the wrong direction. Life could be much simpler if you learn how to clarify things.


Track your time

Time is the most expensive currency in life. When you spend time, it is something that you can never take back. As such, life could be much simpler if you track where you are spending your time. How you spend your time shows the priorities that you have.


Do not overthink

It is easy to get lost in your own thoughts. There will be times when you would dwell on something that and take it out of its context. Overthinking does not bring any joy into your life. Let go of these negative thoughts and you would realize how simpler life could be.


Remove the negative things

In life, it is inevitable to encounter people who will put you down. No matter what you do, there seems to be people who have an answer to you. You have to remember that life will be simpler without them around. Cut negative people out of your life so you can focus more on those that truly matter.


Spend time with your loved ones

The key to happiness is having good and quality relationships. If you want to know how to live a simple life, spend more time with the people that you love. Your relationship with them matters more than anything else in this world.


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