Improvement is always great; whether you’re improving your home, your mood, your wardrobe, your job opportunities, something new and exciting is going to come of it. Those can be easy to improve, if not a long haul, but improving on yourself? That’s something that takes time and lots of effort. You can’t just wake up one day and think to yourself: I’m going to improve! Sure, that’s a great way to get started and most likely how you ended up reading this article; but improving yourself takes daily work.

How to Improve Myself Every Day

Improving yourself can be a long and torturous road. Who has time to jot down every single thought and then analyze and change it for the better? It starts from small things and changes happen step by step.

Be Mindful

Being mindful can do more for yourself than just keeping calm and making you look like a rock star in your yoga class. It can help clear your mind and make you think more clearly about every decision that you make. Instead of losing your mind in road rage because of some asshole in front of you, you’ll learn how to breathe and let go of the anger that plagues pretty much everyone in this day and age. When looking for "how to improve myself every day", you can start by improving your mood and your mindset, paving the way for bigger and better things in your life. Once you start feeling like you deserve the best that life has to offer and stop worrying about the little things you cannot control, great things end up happening.


Organize One Little Thing

Every. Single. Day. No, you don’t have to do anything so strenuous that you are stuck sitting there for hours wondering how you accumulated so much stuff and that you end up wondering why you’re such a disgusting mess of a human being. Instead, start with things like making sure that the mail is in order (and that you actually look at it); that the dishes are put away; and that your nail polish isn’t just lying around haphazardly on every single surface in your house. Organization feels amazing, cleansing your home and your soul.


Have Goals

When trying to think of ways on how to improve myself every day, start in the easy place of your goal list! If you don’t have a goal chart made up already, get on it! It can be as easy as making a goal to go to the doctor’s by the end of the month (all of them: the eye doctor, your ob-gyn, dentist, etc.), or something as large as what your career and life aspirations are. Jot them down and revisit them every week, or month, as needed. This will keep you in check and make sure you’re continuously improving, daily. Making your goals doesn’t have to be stressful; start small and work your way up!


Keep a Journal

Journaling can do wonders for the soul; it saves the trouble of feeling bad about telling your friend how you really feel about a mutual friend, or letting it slip how annoyed you are at your significant other. With a journal, you can just jot everything down, hashing out every little detail until you feel satisfied and better. Sometimes, just writing down how annoyed you are with someone’s behavior can help you analyze the reasons behind your annoyance, calming you down enough that you can work through this situation peacefully and wisely, no matter whose fault it is. You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever imagined.


Learn, Always!

If you’re wondering how to improve myself every day but are tired of everyone leaning towards their weight loss goals, learning is a definite goal that can continuously help you improve. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning a new language, a new skill set, or just reading the news and learning more about your political standings (with the correct information rather than what Facebook tells you). Learning a little bit every single day can help you improve your mind and your life. Besides, being able to look smart at a party or correct your friend’s statement is pretty fun.


Read a Book

Reading a book is so simple; you learned how to do so at a very young age, but most likely ignored picking up a book since completing school. Reading a book that’s light and fluffy and definitely just for fun can still show improvement in your life: you’re enjoying yourself and brushing up on your vocabulary and reading skills. Improving doesn’t always have to be getting leaner, stronger, or smarter; it can simply be improving your comfort at being with yourself. Even the fluffiest books can have some inkling of interesting facts to them, educating you when you don’t even know it…just like those sneaky healthy meals for kids.


Get a Hobby

Or, if you already have a hobby, get another one! Continuously learning and improving your skills will, in no doubt, answer the question of how to improve myself every day. Because hobbies will help you improve yourself! Instead of sitting in front of the TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone, find out something that you enjoy and make it your new hobby. Take a class on pottery, yoga, swimming, candle-making, woodwork, or photography, it really doesn’t matter. Find a few classes and try out different hobbies until you settle with one that works with your life, schedule, and interests.


Give Yourself an Attitude Makeover

While going over your goals is a big thing to look into, going over what concerns you most about your life and how you’re living it is just as important. Besides your career goals, your monetary goals, or your goal to have a spotless house, your main concerns may also be: I’m too shy; I'm too nervous in public; I go out too much; or I don’t go out enough. All of those are concerns about how you’re living your life and niggling little doubts in the back of your mind that make you truly unhappy. Look at what’s concerning you and change a little bit at a time until you hit a spot where you feel comfortable all of the time.


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