Picture this: You’ve spent the afternoon drifting away on a wooden raft in the cool, crystal blue waters of the sea just off the shore of a remote island so beautiful that it could only be a dream. Your refreshing papaya juice cocktail is hitting all the right spots. The sun is kissing your skin and the breeze seems to be singing a song written just for you. You can hear someone calling your name with admiration in their voice, you look up and lay your eyes upon the most stunning human being you’ve ever seen in your life, and they’re waving at you to come back to shore.

As you paddle closer, you’re suddenly jolted from your deep sleep by the annoying buzzing of your alarm clock. The disappointment you feel is so deep, as if you’ve been betrayed by this tiny bit of machinery. You’re so desperate to know how to continue this fantastic dream.

How to Have the Same Dream Again


Keep a Diary

Get yourself a small notebook and call it your Dream Diary. This is where you’ll keep track of dreams you have had and hope to have again. Keep your Dream Diary close to your bed, and don’t forget to keep a pen nearby as well. Immediately after waking up, quickly jot down everything you can remember about your dream. Your memory of the dream fades fast in the first few minutes of being awake, so you must act right away. Hand writing in your Dream Diary will build a strong connection in your brain about said dream, making it easier to recover details in the future.


Record You Dreams Daily

No matter what your dream was, when you wake up you must write down exactly what you remember. Even if you did not dream your ideal dream, this step is important for training your mind on how to have the same dream. Every time you do this, your brain will become better at recalling small details about your dreams, and you’ll find that in turn, your dreams become more lucid and real. If you remember any parallels between the dream you had and your ideal dream, take note. Also keep in mind that the dreams you experience cannot offer exact answers to your questions, because your mind tells metaphorical stories.


Describe Your Dream

Each night before going to sleep, use your Dream Diary to write down what you want to dream about or what you can remember of the dream you want to have again. Use as many details as possible to describe the atmosphere and setting. No detail is too small. You can draw pictures, describe sounds, and even name the characters in your ideal dream. The purpose is to get so involved in your ideal dream that it sticks in your memory after you fall asleep. Avoid other forms of media, television and smartphones will interrupt the process.


Envision Your Dream

Before going to sleep, close your eyes and relax, and think about your ideal dream. Focus on images from your ideal dream, and as your subconscious generates images that are irrelevant, keep your focus on the images that you consciously visualize. What sounds do you hear? Is there a dialogue? Try to really hear what is going on in your dream. Allow the mood and sensations of your dream overcome you. If this is proving to be a difficult task, go back to your Dream Diary and re-read through your ideal dream.


Live Through Your Dream

In first person, walk through your ideal dream. See the dream unfold in front of your own eyes in sequence. Focusing may cause you to become tense, but try hard to stay completely relaxed and calm. As you become more relaxed, you will eventually drift off into dreamland with your ideal dream implanted in your mind, hopefully ready to play itself out. Mastering this technique is vital to reaching your goal on how to have the same dream.


BONUS! Finish Your Dream

For those of you who like a challenge, try this out. Think about one of the best dreams you’ve ever dreamt, and think about all the details you can remember, especially those details that really made your dream special. Instead of focusing on this dream before you go to sleep, write your own ending. This is a fun and exciting way to play out your dream the way you wished it finished while you were sleeping. You can be as creative as you’d like. Have fun!

Others' Experience of Having the Same Dream

Many people have been able to experience a dream for a second time. These personal accounts should inspire you to get focused on trying to experience the same dream all over again.

“There’s been a few times where I’ve been able to replay a dream. Usually it happens when I wake up and try to focus on going back to sleep with the images from the dream fresh in my mind without getting up from bed. It happens most often when I spend those first few waking moments thinking about only the dream. Sometimes it will pick up right where I left it, but small details may change. I guess this is the nature of our complex minds.”

“I know how to have the same dream! It happens to me all the time! The only time I struggle with this is when it’s a dream I’m overly desperate to get back to. But generally, I don’t find it that difficult and I bet there are loads of other people who feel the same way.”

“The trick is to not let yourself wake up fully. You have to get right back into the dream, if more than five minutes go by, then it’s over. Usually if I close my eyes and reimagine the last bits of my dream as richly as possible, it works. I also try to think about the sounds of my dream and the mood I was in. Soon enough, I’m back inside my dream. Go ahead and try it! It’s a pretty dependable method.”

“I’d have to say this happens to me pretty much every weekend. Only on the weekends though, because I’m not interrupted by the alarm. If I wake up for a few moments and then fall back asleep, I almost always find myself back the dream.”


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