Having a better life is something that everyone strives for, but living the best life everyday is becoming more and more important to Millennials and the next generation. Becoming a happy person can't be done over-night and being happy every day is kind of unrealistic because life is, well, messy. But, that’s okay because life is great for its ups and downs. What's more, you can always find ways to be happy and have a better life when you are at a low point.

How to Have a Better Life

Learning to have a better life does more than just make you happy most days out of the year, it can improve your life in so many ways. Here are ways to get you on the right track.

Learn to Let Go

Harboring feelings of guilt, anger, and resentment can get you nowhere real quick. What’s the point of keeping yourself in these horrific kinds of emotional states? Instead of simmering with anger all day because of something trivial like a car cutting you off, focus on relaxing yourself, letting the anger go and getting on with your life.

Although it will take much more than just a "don’t worry about it" to let go of anger and issues that are much bigger than some jerk you’ll never see again, starting with the smaller things and working your way up can help you change your perspective and your life. You’ll end up feeling better, stop feeling stressed and annoyed at little things, and learn to let go of the bigger things much quicker than usual.


Live In the Moment

Learning to live in the moment and to really enjoy yourself when on a trip or out with friends can change so much of the experience. While traveling, it’s fun to take pictures of everything around you, documenting every moment of your trip. But, worrying about getting the right shot or trying to get a picture of every single monument really doesn’t allow you to live in the moment and enjoy your surroundings. Sure, pictures are great, but so is just being with friends. If you’re the type who is always on the phone texting away even though your friend is chatting to you, cut it out. Be in the moment with them, enjoy their company, and worry about everything else later.



There’s a reason why meditation is so popular; it’s so good for you and you don’t even realize it until you stop. How to have a better life? Try to meditate in the morning when you first wake up (or after your shower) for 5-10 minutes and right before you go to bed. If you do it in the morning, your mind will improve, and you’ll feel more awake and ready to take on life’s challenges; If you do it before going to bed, you’ll sleep better, and all the anger you would normally feel (e.g. jerks cutting you off and not using their blinker when they turn) doesn’t affect you like it used to. Instead of just ending your yoga class with meditation, bring more of it into your daily life to help you reduce stress.


Maintain a Journal

Journaling is a great way to open up your mind and take a peek into your soul. You may feel stupid when you first start, writing down your day like a 13-year old writing in her diary about her crush. But as the days continue into weeks and months, it’ll start to feel more therapeutic and like second-nature. You’ll begin to love writing down your feelings and everything you’ve been through that day or week. It’s a great way to work out problems before starting huge fights, sort out feelings towards people and things, and realize goals that you want to achieve.


Learn to Jump at Opportunities

Wondering how to have a better life? Jump on opportunities. Opportunities can present themselves at odd times and this can make it hard for a lot of people to say yes. You may be too busy with other things in your life; you may not feel ready; or you may be too nervous about the outcome to just drop everything you’re doing and take on a new career/life. But, opportunities don’t come knocking every second day, and learning to grab opportunities as they come can open up many doors in the present and future. Even if that opportunity didn’t work out, you may find a new one at the end of that rickety road.


Plan Ahead

Meal prep, outfit prep, travel plans, traffic routes…...plan everything ahead without getting overboard. Planning your meals for the week can save you time and tons of money, while figuring out what you’re going to wear the next day can save you oodles of time in the morning. Unless you love spontaneity and can fork over thousands of dollars in case major issues arise, travel plans should always be worked out before you hop on that plane, train, boat or car. When you plan ahead, you reduce your stress levels and will feel happier and more relaxed and free.


Organization Is Key

Just like planning, organizing your life can help reduce stress ten-fold. Learn how to have a better life by organizing your life. Organize your laundry, your closet, your cupboards, your books, and your goals. Keeping everything organized and in its place will help you save time when looking for things in need and keep your head from getting that "spinning" feeling when walking into your home. Walking into a clean and organized home brings about a sort of peace and relaxation that disorganization will never allow. What’s a better feeling than knowing exactly where your keys are every single morning, or where to find that book you’ve been meaning to read? Getting your outfits ready will be a breeze when your closet is organized to the T.


Put Down Your Phone

Your phone can be your sidekick, there in all your times of need, helping you answer questions you think of in the middle of the night and keeping you occupied in doctor’s waiting rooms and other boring appointments. But your phone can also be a deadly weapon. It takes away your time with family, friends, viewing the outside world, and missing moments that you will never get back. Instead of constantly checking and updating your e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, try putting your phone down, having a real conversation with your friends or family, and engaging with them more than your phone. That’s how to have a better life.


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