Nothing could be worse for a virile male than having a pair of breasts and then resorting to all sorts of quixotic ways to conceal them. The appearance of fatty lumps around the chest area, somewhat resembling a woman’s mammary glands, can take a toll on your self-esteem and lower your confidence level. 

Being inordinately obese or overweight can cause you to have moobs or man boobs. You’ll also tend to develop breasts if you suffer from gynecomastia, a medical ailment where your body secretes too much estrogen and less than normal amount of testosterone. So, how to keep in shape and get rid of man boobs? 

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

If overweight is the problem, you have to perform strength-building and cardio workouts regularly, and stick to a diet prescribed by a nutritionist or dietician. But if gynecomastia is the principal cause, you have to seek medical help to get better.

Two sets of exercises

Say goodbye to man boobs by rigorously sticking to two sets of exercises with two dumbbells each weighing about 15-20 pounds. Carry out each set (set 1a &1b and set 2a & 2b) for 30 seconds, pause for 30 seconds, and then resume. Perform each superset for 2 minutes (or 4 rounds), rest for 2 minutes and then carry on.

Superset 1 (1a & 1b)

  • The 1st part: Grab dumbbells in both hands and lie down on your back resting on a support inclined at 45 degrees. Raise your hands fully and then slowly lower them towards your chest. You’d need to raise and lower your hands (still holding the dumbbells) alternately.

  • The 2nd part: Stand on a knee-length bench and lean forwards. Wrap fingers of both hands around the disc of the dumbbell, position the equipment in a perpendicular position to the chest and then do squats.

Superset 2

  • The 1st part: Grip handles of the two dumbbells, one in each hand, and take a pushup stance. See that your entire body from head to toes is parallel to the floor. Try to touch the floor with your chest by lowering the elbows, and then slowly arch halfway upwards. Stop for a moment, and then again lower yourself downwards. In the final move, push up your torso back to the starting position.

  • The 2nd part: Hold dumbbells with both hands resting beside your hips, outstretch your legs 3-4 inches apart, and try to bend down up to the hips. While bending downwards, sway the arms backwards, try to jerk the hips in a forward direction, and then raise the trunk till you’re standing tall. Keep swinging backwards and forwards for the entire length of the set.


Do strength training

How to get rid of man boobs by turning these fat tissues in the chest into well-toned muscles? Just do some strength training exercises. 

  • Seated chest press: Sit on the machine with your back firmly pressed against it, and try to push the weights outwards horizontally while breathing slowly. Repeat the exercise at least 8 times in each set, and carry out at least 4 sets during a workout session.

  • Cable crossovers: Grab the handles of the pulley and take position by outstretching the arms, bending the elbows a bit and spreading the legs apart. Gradually bring your forehands at the front and cross them over. Repeat the exercise at least 8 times to harness the power of the pectoral muscles.

  • Bench press: Stretch out on a bench in a supine position, hold barbells in each hand, and then fully raise and lower your hands. Exhale slowly during lifting the weight and inhale while lowering the hands. Repeat the exercise 8-12 times.


Get enough sleep

Not getting adequate sleep causes the level of hunger hormone, ghrelin, to rise, making you overeat and resulting in undue weight gain. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily and take a day off from exercises to promote muscle recovery and development.


Maintain a proper diet

Consuming healthy foods and in right proportions is one significant solution to how to get rid of man boobs. Overeating makes you obese, while consuming too little food will reduce the secretion of testosterone which could increase your risk of gynecomastia. Eat balanced portions of veggies and fruits, like sweet potatoes, spinach, blackberries and strawberries. Take foods prepared from whole grains, consume lean meats, and eat low-fat dairy products.


Treat gynecomastia specifically

There’s nothing to feel alarmed in case you’re diagnosed with gynecomastia. Majority of males are prone to have man boobs during adolescence or puberty. Additionally, middle-aged men are equally vulnerable to this medical condition mostly caused by medications, banned drugs, certain herbal supplements or some health issue. Here are 5 methods to tell you how to get rid of man boobs professionally due to gynecomastia:

  • A diagnostic exam where a blood or hormone sample is examined is used to confirm the exact cause behind the condition. 

  • If certain medication is behind the curtain, then refraining from taking the medication and/or switching to a different drug may make your lump slowly fade away. 

  • You may be also recommended to drink less alcohol and stay away from banned psychotropic drugs. 

  • If the above methods don’t bring positive results, your doctor may start you on a medication that checks or brings down estrogen production in your body. 

  • Surgical excision of excessive breast tissues or liposuction procedure is the last resort.


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