How to get girls' attention can sure be difficult when you don’t know what you’re doing. More so if you’re new to the dating scenario, have been out of the game for a while or are generally the type of guy who doesn’t have enough confidence to approach women. Now, let’s get to the point. You have your eyes on a special lady; she could be someone from your school or office, or someone you met at a bar or at a gallery opening… the situations can be plenty, but the bottom line is that you have to make yourself stand out in a sea of men without being obvious. So what can you do?

How to Get a Girl's Attention

Minor adjustments in the way you behave, react or speak and even your body languages can instantly result in you being able to catch the attention of almost any woman around you.

Dress to impress

Of course, this doesn’t work in spontaneous situations where you aren’t expecting to come across girls. But if you know someone’s schedule or a place where she regularly hangs out, this can definitely work on your favor. Lose the baggy pants, skinny jeans, oversized hoodies and baseball caps. Dress a little more formally like an adult would, which can be a well-cutting suit, a pair of black lace-up shoes and a tasty watch, and you’re sure to have her attention.


Smell nice

The easiest way for her to remember you is to smell good enough to her. And whenever she smells that fragrance, she will instantly be reminded of you. If possible, find out her fav scent like rose, sandalwood, lemon, etc. and wear it from time to time. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the cologne, alright?


Ignore her from time to time

Sometimes, the path to how to get a girl's attention is doing the exact opposite of what you’re told to do. Of course, this technique works with a woman you’re in touch with or are friends, not someone you’ve just met. The thing is, the more available you are to her, the more she’s likely to take you for granted. Your absence in her life from time to time will not only make her miss you, but if she sees you making a little less effort than expected, she will fill in the gap by giving you more attention. It’s just how reverse psychology works.


Treat her as an equal

And mean it, of course. If possible, go out of your way to show that women should be treated equally, like berate in front of her that a friend or colleague of yours who said or did something sexist. Women fall for feminist men like ninepins, people.


Be a little awkward around her

Sure, you can be confident and in control and that would work nicely for you. But if you’re like the majority of guys out there who simply couldn't be confident enough around the girl they like, no worries.

A way to instantly get a girl’s attention in this case is by being a little awkward around her. Laugh awkwardly, avoid eye contact for a second or two, give her a goofy smile… basically act like a cute little child around her. Because what woman doesn’t find a man behaving like a cute child adorable?


Show her your emotional side

Much like a feminist man, a rarity in today’s world, a man who isn’t afraid to show a woman his sensitive side is an instant turn on for almost every woman. So for example if you two are discussing a movie, say something like, “Yeah, I remember that scene. I cannot even begin to imagine what he was going through. That's just so heartbreaking for me.” And boom! You don’t have to work as hard on how to get a girl's attention because now you already have it.


Help someone

You could help her or someone who’s near her. Again, this shows your caring and emotional side and you’re definitely going to stand out in her eyes. Because come on, how many people are willing to take the effort and trouble of helping some stranger out nowadays?


Notice the small changes she makes

Did she get a new haircut? Is she wearing a new scarf today? Is that a new handbag? Noticing small details about her tells her that you’ve been paying attention to her, and most women would be flattered by this kind of attention that you’d give to them.


Eye contact is important

This goes for pretty much anybody you want to have a relationship with – personal or professional. Eye contact is essential. And when you make eye contact, make sure you smile. Avoiding her gaze could be interpreted in many ways by her, like that you’re not confident, that you’re nervous, that you have something to hide, etc. So why give her any opportunity to think negatively about you?


Talk about her

Most men make the mistake of going on and on about their lives and their accomplishments when speaking to women. But if you want to know the secret of how to get a girl's attention, know that you have to make her talk about herself. Not only will that make her more comfortable with you, but it will also show her you’re genuinely interested in knowing her as a person.


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