Are you currently unhappy, unsatisfied, and feeling unloved? Have you tried to make changes, but to no avail? Do you feel a lack of support and love in your life? These are all genuine feelings currently...but in one year's time, you CAN have a whole new life. You deserve to have true love, beauty, joy and peace. It is yours for the taking...stretch yourself a little bit at a time to create a whole new YOU, the one you have been waiting for...

Part 1


Stretch Yourself a Little-- Mind and Body

Literally, pick out one stretch you remember doing as a child (touching your toes or reaching for the sky) and do it (right now!) and then do it several times each day. Think about how you are taking care of the amazing body you inhabit. It is a complex system that works for you every day! YOU ARE TAKING CARE OF IT EVERY TIME YOU STRETCH, how joyful and easy.

Figuratively, stretch your mind while you are at it! Are your thoughts rigid or mean when you think about your own body? Can you make your mind a little more flexible by changing the thoughts. Don't think about what you SHOULD eat or do to have a better body. THINK about what you ARE doing that is good for your body. Stuck, being mean to yourself? Stretch again, drink a glass of water, and maybe even massage a tight area on your own body. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB TAKING CARE OF IT, RIGHT NOW!

Is this too easy? Find a free stretching video on the internet or look into a very basic trial yoga class in your area. Please, nothing intense! The goal is to be kind and nice to yourself.


Make Yourself at Home--Imagine and Create

Close your eyes and imagine the place that is your sanctuary--a place where you feel at peace. Is it a jungle, a forest, a beach, a cloud in the sky? Is it a campfire, a bubble bath, or a luxury spa? Your mind does not know that you are not actually there! So keep your eyes closed and imagine every detail (green plants, sand, sounds and smells). Do this for just a minute or two when you wake up or before you go to sleep. TRY IT RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE GIVING YOURSELF A SANCTUARY!  

Is this too simple? Try to bring home or find within your home an object that is part of this vision. (It could be a plant, a rock, a shell, a candle, or even a table top fountain.) Place it on your nightstand, desk, bathroom vanity, or kitchen counter next to the sink. When you see it, repeat the exercise of imagining your "perfect place"!


Step Outside of Your Box--Explore your environment

Open your door or window RIGHT NOW. What is out there? Look not at the cars or people... Look to the sky. What color is it? Are there clouds? What is the temperature? Can you feel sun, wind, rain, or snow on your face? Take a deep breath and notice nature. This is your environment. Some of it is so MIRACULOUS! Focus and think about which parts ARE a gift.

Too easy? Go for a walk and be mindful to look and listen for the beauty. Is there any beauty there? Find a place outside of your work and home that is beautiful to you and go there as much as possible.

  • Stretch to care for your amazing body each day.
  • Go outside and notice something beautiful each day.
  • Visit the peaceful place in your mind and in your home/workplace each day.
  • Consider keeping a notebook or journal and record your thoughts after doing certain activities.
  • These activities are a solid start to a new life. Keep doing them daily or on weekends if that works better. Check for more articles next month.

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