Your personality is your unique identity; it is what differentiates you from others. Personalities may be inherent and natural, but they are certainly not unchangeable. If you think there is something lagging in your personality that you want to change, there are certainly possibilities to learn how to develop personality and make it better.

Your personality is a combination of your likings, your thought patterns, your feelings and your behaviors. If there is something in the way you are that you don't like, or that you think needs changing, the following tips might help you with that.

15 Practical Ways to Develop Your Personality


Think About What Could Be Wrong with You

First of all, you need to understand and list all the things that need to be changed in yourself in order to know how to develop personality. Are you a person who is too much of an introvert? Are you always moody and pessimistic? Do you have trouble talking to others, let alone making friends? Are you too opinionated and choosy? Find out the traits you want to change in yourself, and get down to learn how to develop personality.


Always Have a Positive Outlook on Life

Those who are always negative about everything are the most unattractive people; they are always complaining and always finding faults in others. If you are one of them, this is something that you need to work on in order to develop your personality. Try and find something positive in everything, even when all is bad around you. Be positive in your actions and your words, and you will automatically be deemed a charming personality by others. When you are a positive person, you will find yourself surrounded by people who share your positivity, and who have a fresh outlook in life.


Learn to Listen to Others

Many of us love to talk, so much so that we never have the time to listen to what other people might have to say to us. That is not the trait of a good personality and not something that would attract others. Learn to listen to and be sympathetic to other people's stories and opinions, because people always appreciate thoughtfulness and sensitivity in a person.


Have a Definite Opinion of Your Own

It is a good personality trait to listen to others, but you should also have some opinions of your own that you should make clear to the people around you. If you are the type to always agree with others, or to shy away from expressing your feelings because you fear conflict and misunderstanding - it is highly unlikely that you will be respected by your peers.


Be Fun to Be Around

You should try to be a person who is fun to hang out with - someone who knows how to have fun, laugh and find the humorous side of life. In order to be taken seriously, you don't have to maintain a serious face all the time; rather, it is important to know how to be a fun person for others to like you.


Be Respectful and Courteous

Be respectful to others, and never be impolite. Making fun of others and laughing at other's misery is never nice, and not a good character trait. Always be nice to the people around you, as well as to people you don't know; be respectful to their thoughts, ideas and words.


Be Supportive of Others

Everyone looks for support, especially when they are feeling down or sad. Be a supportive person and help people in need. Everyone loves a supportive person, even if it is just a cheering word or a compassionate smile at times of need.


Be Tolerant of Other's Opinions

When you are among a group of people, there will be differences in opinions. Conversations may even get heated at times, because everyone is entitled to their own ideas and beliefs. Being a person of opinion does not mean that you should completely disregard what others are saying; rather, you need to be tolerant to different opinions.


Meet New People and Make New Friends

You have to be a friendly person who is always up for making new friends; be social and always try to be gracious to friends and strangers alike. Meeting new people broadens your horizon and opens you to new ideas and thoughts, making you interesting.


Learn to Be a Good Conversationalist

Being a good conversationalist is an art that you have to work at. Be interesting to talk to, and be engaging and courteous so that everyone finds talking to you a real pleasure.


Read More to Know More

Read to broaden your knowledge so that you have interesting topics to talk about; the more you know, the more interesting you will seem to others and the more people would love to talk to you.


Smile as Often as You Can

Smile at people - that will make them like you and be attracted to you. A smile, even at strangers, makes you appear to be nice, someone they can trust and be friendly with.


Be Confident

Confidence is key, and it will make you seem like a person of integrity and great personality. Even if you have a lot to change about yourself, don't lose your confidence.


Be Yourself

In order to develop your personality, don't change the person that you are inside. If you try too much to become someone else, it will come down as fake and pretentious - not traits that other people are attracted to.


Work on Your Body Language

Your body language is as important as what you are saying or thinking; other people will judge you based on your body language as much as your words. Work on perfecting your body language so that people take notice of you and they are interested in knowing you.


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