Whether you’re an A, B, or C cup, you’ll probably want to achieve a bigger bust size. There are a lot of ways on how to develop breast faster than they naturally would. Luckily, as a young girl hits puberty, her estrogen levels rise, resulting to her reproductive system coming alive. With this, a girl’s breast size will likely become bigger.

However, other than counting on the natural way of letting puberty do the job, there are all sorts of ways to help increase girls' breast size. One of which is by keeping it healthy so it won’t appear to be sagging – which can make the breasts look smaller. Keep in mind that you should always contact a physician before attempting different treatments for breast growth.

Know What to Eat



This would include whole milk, skimmed milk, butter, etc. The best milk to get is the freshest, most fat-filled milk. Fat in milk really is a good solution to the problem on how to develop breast faster, as breasts themselves are basically made up of fat. However, one should really be careful as to the amount she drink on a daily basis, as the last thing a woman wants is probably to get fat on her whole body, not just on her breasts.


Soya beans

Soya milk is a product of soya beans. Soya has been tested and proven to be very rich in isoflavones which mimic the functions of estrogen. As aforementioned, estrogen is really a key to an all-natural process of going through puberty for a bigger bust size.



Papaya, which is really a wondrous fruit, has all sorts of uses for a lot of things. It also really helps one enlarge their breast size. Papaya also produces milk that almost has the same nutritional value as regular milk. As mentioned before, it’s mainly because of the fat properties.


Saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a common herb. To be precise, it is a hormone regulating herb that can be used by both men and women alike. It can be taken as a supplement, but takers must make sure to consult their doctors before taking to avoid overdose.

Try Helpful Herbs


Fenugreek herb

It enhances estrogen production in the body. It also has a natural property that may very well enlarge breasts. It may be consumed as a seed or be used as a paste to do so. It’s a natural way to go on how to develop breast faster.


Fennel seeds

They may be consumed as a snack to develop breasts. Likewise, it can be broken down and made into paste with base oil as an all-natural massage oil. It may also be crushed into powder and added to meals.


Flax seeds

These seeds are also a great natural way to develop breasts. It is rich in Phytoestrogens that doesn’t only help increase breast growth, but also proven to help decrease mortality in breast cancer patients. Like the others, it may be eaten whole or made into massage oil.

Let Exercise Help


Palm pushing

Palm pushing is a very easy exercise that may be done anywhere at any time. One just simply puts hands in front in a “praying” motion; both elbows must be adjacent and leveled; and one must push palms against each other.



Push-ups are a light exercise method that has proven to have great effects on breast growth and muscle quality. It helps make the breasts firm so it may be made easier to enlarge and avoid sagging.


Chest presses

A chest press is an exercise that only focuses stress on the chest area. Similar to the bench press, but its stress and dumbbell weights are relatively lighter. This has a great effect on one’s pectoral muscles.


Chest contractions

Very similar to palm pushing, although this time, one must use a towel. The same effects from palm pushing are achieved. It’s simple, and it answers how to develop breast faster just like all the other exercises.



Yoga is a great way, not only to relieve stress, but also to enhance breast size and shape. As it strengthens the pectoral muscles, the muscles under the breasts, it reduces sagging and strengthens the muscles below the breasts to help increase one’s breast size.

Other Ways to Develop Your Breasts Fast


Massage your breasts

Massaging is a very effective method to enlarge one’s breast size. It coaxes one’s muscles to expand, makes the breasts firm for great shape, and is relaxing to do. Use massaging oils with breast-enlarging properties like the ones mentioned from previous points. For best results, look into different techniques to effectively massage, such as the lift & shape method, the swirling method, the pump method and the like.


Fat injection

Fat injection is a desperate method for breast enlargement. It is notably unsafe. It usually successfully and gives a great result that’s guaranteed to enlarge breasts. However, more and more women report some side effects to this method.


Birth control pills

Birth control pills, also known as “Patches”, are otherwise a dangerous alternative to breast enlargement. Patches release estrogen and prestogen into the bloodstream. Doing so would not only allow one into having unprotected sex without getting pregnant but also make the reproductive organs (such as the breasts) become more potent because of the estrogen.


Breast implants

This would be the last resort method of many ladies and the usual go-to of rich women on how to develop breast faster. Breast implants simply add artificial “padding” to your breasts to make it larger by the use of surgery.


Use dressing skills

Breast sizes may be “cheated” by the use of some dressing skills. Dresses with horizontal stripes makes smaller breasts seem larger. Vice-versa, vertically-striped dresses will make any breast seem smaller. Showing off some cleavage will also have a great effect on giving your breasts a fuller appearance.


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