Purchasing a phone, let alone, an iPhone is a big responsibility your parents are handing on to you. The phone itself costs an arm and a leg, and there is also the additional cost for data usage and some other accompanying administrative charges that could pile up, even if you take on a two-year contract to get one. More than that, there is a worry of using the half a thousand bucks worth of phone responsibly. Unless your family is particularly well-off, you would need to have an established reputation for being a trustworthy and responsible child before you even think about your request. How to convince your parents to get you an iPhone? Try out the following guide to help you have your request granted.

How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an iPhone (4 Steps)

Step 1: Doing Financial Research

Apple once stated that their product is aimed to be a luxury brand, i.e. they are not meant to be cheap. Do your own research. Before convincing your parents, research how much it will cost them to buy or upgrade to the iPhone. Find out the network carrier your family prefers and the current plan you are on. Go online, or even to the physical store to consult the cost.

It is possible to get the iPhone for slightly lower cost, possibly free even, depending on your family's current contract and rewards program.

Even so, forking out additional $50 a month for a new phone will add up to $600 in a year. Sure you can always get a lower price for it, but learn the best plan you could take, while at the same time learn how much the additional financial burden affects your family’s expenses.

Step 2: Showing Your Responsibility

1. Take care of all of your expensive belongings

Show your parents how well you are taking care of the other electronic devices you currently own, such as iPods, tablets, gaming consoles and computer. Keep them organized, clean and well-protected. Maybe even get a protective sleeve for your laptop.

2. Keep (or get) your grades up

As a child, you are bound to have limited responsibilities. One of those is ensuring that your grades are up there at the top. Moreover, your parents might consider the smartphone as the additional tool for an additional distraction. Take a good, honest, hard look at your grades before you make your request.

3. Consider getting a job

Another way to get your privilege up to them is to convince your parents that sweet iPhone is the one you want to help them pay. Start earning money and they might be more liberal with what type of phone you are interested in. Get a part-time job on weekends (or after-school), work as a waiter or help out in the grocery stores. While this will make you look more responsible in the eye of your parents, just remember that you would still need to maintain your grades up.

Step 3: Finding Good Reasons

1. Good for study

The iPhone is an excellent tool for studying, being a tiny portable computer with ready access to the internet. With one, you have an easy access to any references and teachers.

If your parents are not particularly tech savvy, make the effort to explain all the useful apps and features that you will have right at your fingertips, be it an encyclopedia or a dictionary. Then all you need to do is just prove it with a steadily improved grade.

2. Keep in touch

The iPhone is not just a phone, it has everything you need to keep in touch with anyone, from anywhere. Text message, instant message, emails, phone calls, social networking, all are ready to use. Get your parents impressed with those features that allow them to reach you with any method they prefer, to ease them with the financial trade-offs.

3. Safer

If you are going off to the college, a phone will be necessary not just as means of communication, but also for safety reason. With the iPhone’s built-in GPS features, for example, your parents could worry less since now they know you won’t find yourself lost in the woods on another side of the state.

Step 4: Talking With Your Parents

1. Ask with gratitude, show appreciation!

This is most significant for how to convince your parents to get you an iPhone when talking with parents: They don’t owe you anything and certainly you don’t deserve anything. Expect an instant “No” when you try to ask. You are trying to get what you want, but on the way to what you want, are the parents who deserve all the gratitude for your current well-being. Help out with chores or thank them when you ask them for something.

2. Trade what you want for what you can do

Your responsibility as a child is to grow up into a happy adult with said responsibility. The parents' job is to make sure that happens, and that’s why they care about you so much. Despite your underlying intentions, show them that you are in the right direction towards their goal. Help out around the house and earn those karma points. Don’t forget to get good grades which are still possibly the easiest way to convince them with.

3. Ask for delayed response

Rushing or pressing your parents into a corner will more likely result in an easy “No.” This is a considerably big request you are asking, so give them a similar amount of time to consider it.

This is more than just an iPhone to them: it’s a major financial investment, and a huge responsibility and freedom they are passing on to you.


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