The minute you hide other desires from your current partner, you are already cheating on them, even before sex with the other person. Cheating is a disease born of greed. When it comes down to how to catch a cheater, there are different methods out there. It seems to have become a game to roll someone’s heart around. If your instinct feels off about something, don’t be quick to judge but start applying techniques to figure out for certain if your partner has brought this dangerous disease into the relationship. Brace yourself, your heart might break at the end of this article.

How to Catch a Cheater


Check Randomly

This is not you being distrustful or stalkery. In fact, you are upholding the words "trust but verify". Your partner is either lying to you and fooling around at the workplace, or may even be missing from work along with the target of their affections. A random unannounced "hey, darling" can help you smell a rat ahead of time. If you happen to catch your partner red-handed, well, all’s well that ends soon.


Your Partner Is on the Move

Suppose all of a sudden your beloved starts to travel for business reasons. We know this fringes on how to catch a cheater paranoia, but chances are your partner is using travel plans to cheat on you from afar and they assume you’ll never come to know. You need to put up an act and naturally inquire plans and accommodations after arrival. 

Contact their office and double-check, again naturally. Keep an important luggage hidden at the last minute, so you can mail it over to where they are when your partner calls and asks if you’ve seen it. If they say no bother and they can do without that crucial business element, or if they ask you to send it to a neutral location, something’s up.


You Feel Insecure

Respecting privacy is one thing but when the love of your life makes you feel insecure, they’re asking to be checked up on. Peep into the usual channels: phone, computer, coat pockets, laundry, and their personal space at home. Make sure you put everything back the way it was in case your partner really is true to you and they suspect you don’t trust them. The blade apparently cuts both ways.


Care About Appearance

Has your cutie-pie never made an earnest effort to look attractive for you but suddenly seems to get into that groove? Who are they trying to impress? During your forays into learning how to catch a cheater, pay attention if your sweetheart dresses well, exercises more, shapes up, scents up, and styles up.

If it’s all for you and they make it a point to let you know that, awesome. However, if your partner only partially pleases you to throw you off the scent and styles up repeatedly before heading out, it’s time to open your mind to the cruel possibility.


Be More Mysterious

If your partner zips out every now and again like some superhero, you need to be concerned what’s grabbing their attention and taking it away from you. They could also be stay in the house but move elsewhere to talk to someone on the phone or check their texts at a strange angle so nobody can see. Pay attention to how secretive your partner is because it probably has nothing to do with their personal sense of mystery but really gets something to hide.


Sex Pattern Helps

Is your partner masturbating often and alone? Do they suddenly have a need for sex and then put it off for prolonged times? Do they close their eyes and barely look at you when they make love? Your lessons in how to catch a cheater should have taught you that the incessant need to go out and return late coupled with an weak sex drive could mean that your darling is calling someone else their doll.


Keep Passwords to Themselves

A startled partner is a sneaky partner. They scare easy because they have something to hide. A clear indication of this is when they change passwords on their media devices (phone, computer, etc.) and doesn’t tell you about it, or act shady when they input said password when you’re near. If they sense your suspicion and get defensive, tetchy, and/or in the fighting mood, it’s obvious they’re fighting to protect something or someone. Apparently, it’s not you.


Be Greedy for Privacy

"Gimme my space, babe", "I need to head out more often these days, work you know". Lines like these undertone your partner’s greed for more privacy than they wanted since they met you. This means they have important things to do with that alone time and most probably someone to do it with. Late night work schedules, attending too many office get-togethers, and locking the door at home are some of the signs.


Pick Holes

A cheating partner knows they are cheating. They even want out of the relationship but have no clue how to break the truth to you. This leaves them psychologically primed to find faults wherever they can if it helps them shore up their reasons for unhappiness so they can ride guilt-free into the sunset. The slightest things can tick them off because they see you as an obstacle not the love they’ve always yearned for.


Track Their Social Media Activities

Yet another ace app called ThaiSpy helps you remotely access (for $29.99 per month) all your partner’s social media activities. This includes their call and text logs as well as Skype data. The idea of motion-tracking technology is legal for employers to track employees or parents to track their kids. You are simply expanding this to include your partner to see if they’re cheating on you. All is fair in love and war, babe.


Know the Gift Conspiracy

This is slightly trickier to track. Either through observation or the use of certain apps, you can figure out what your partner is buying. These gifts or goodies could be meant for family, friends, or colleagues, but what kind of gifts they buy and how expensive these gifts are can help you understand how much they value the giftee. From checking their credit card statements to the fact that they hid the gift from you could prove something.


Cam Partner

While it does sound rather sexy, we suggest it for a whole different reason. Cams are known for their security value. Live network cam apps like Camster are a great way to pay for the privilege of watching live international camera footage. 

Imagine installing your own webcam to watch live video of your drive way, your house or any other place remotely 24/7.  Since the camera here is used to keep track of your partner’s activities, so it is a dark and risky card to play.


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