The human mind is constantly at work. This is the part of you responsible for thinking, making judgment, reasoning and feeling. The mind has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, judge between positive and negative and distinguish between good and bad. It is normal to sometimes get overwhelmed with life and get stressed. When your mind is stressed, it can lead to fatigue, anger bursts, and irritation and can cause negativity. When this happens, your thoughts process is hindered and this affects your productivity.

It is therefore very important for you to develop a calm mind; it can be as good as a breath of fresh air. Since your mind is in control of so much, it is only advisable to keep it in the best shape possible. Your mind and body are intertwined; therefore, there are ways you can relax your mind and ultimately relax your body.

How to Calm Your Mind


Consciously Shift Your Focus

The human mind gets its momentum from the attention it is given by you. This is evident from the way the mind takes over the first thing in the morning and keeps going throughout the day. To calm your mind, switch focus to your senses. Become aware of your surroundings, pay attention to the area around you while trying not to analyze it with your mind. Take note of the colors and textures around you. Take note of the sounds too. You will be amazed at how alive the space around you is.

When learning how to calm your mind, shifting your attention to your sense forces the mind to change gears and calm down. If you focus more on your senses for the next few minutes, you will feel a sense of calmness in your mind.


Take a Minute to Breathe

One of the most successful ways to calm your mind is focusing on your breathing. You don’t necessarily have to alter your breathing pattern. You only need to focus on the breathing which happens involuntarily for a while. You will be surprised that each time you breathe in, the mind momentarily stops.


Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to calm your mind. This method has been used for ages. Keeping a journal simply means having a notebook or diary. This is where you note down your day to day activities, problems, challenges, worries as well as irritants. When you do this every day before bed, it helps you to offload all these thoughts from your mind and go to bed with a clear mind.

Keeping a journal is also a great way of finding solutions. It is advisable to note down your challenges in order based on priority. After this, you can come up with a way to tackle them based on urgency. This will leave you with a sense of control as it makes it possible for you to put everything into perspective.


Mediate While Lying in Bed

Wondering how to calm your mind? Meditating while lying on your bed is a great way to go about it. Do this by closing your eyes and going to your happy place. Allow your mind to take you to the most exotic place you can imagine. Visualize your concerns and worries washing away as you drift into a place where there are no worries or pain.

When you meditate before falling asleep, you allow your mind to unwind and let go of the day’s stresses, tension, anxiety and problems. Getting quality sleep has great positive effects on your mind. You will wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the world.


Include Body Baths in Your Routine

Allowing your body to soak in a warm bubble bath after a long day can help calm your mind. This method of calming the mind can be of great help to people who suffer from anxiety. There are a few bathing routines you can use to calm your mind. They include:

  • A neutral bath –fill your bathtub with water that is cooler than the body temperature. Allow your body to soak in it for at least an hour. This soothes your nerves and your skin too. You will end up feeling relaxed.

  • A bath in cold water – when in the shower, allow cold water to run over your body for a few minutes. This relaxes the body and soothes the nerves.

  • A warm bath – when you take a warm bath, you reduce stress and relax the mind. It is always advisable to take a warm bath before going to bed.


Change Your Mood with Music

As you might already know, music affects your body as well as your emotions positively. When you take a few minutes to listen to music, you allow your mind to focus less on your thoughts and instead help you to enjoy the music. Different genres of music can have different effects on your mood. Listening to fast music can help increase your concentration while upbeat music makes you feel positive and motivated.


Relax Through Yoga Postures

Wondering how to calm your mind? Yoga is one of the best ways to relax. Restorative yoga is a great way of managing stress. This type of yoga restores your sense of balance, wellbeing and peace both physically and emotionally. With restorative yoga, you learn to pose for longer durations. This keeps your mind calm for longer.


A Massage Will Help

Massages have been known to be one of the ways of calming your mind. A good massage will help your mind to relax and ease your muscles. Massages can also help cure ailments such as headaches and backaches. Make time to go to a spa for an hour or two for a full body massage. With this therapy, you improve your blood circulation, ease your nerves, boost your wellbeing, and above all relax your mind.


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