What do you think is most important when it comes to school? Education, friendship, discipline? Maybe not! It's probably all about how to be popular in school - how to make the right friends, the right impressions so that everybody notices them, so that they are “cool” and “popular”!

Not that it is not important to be popular! Being socially acceptable in school can definitely give you the right push in life, sometimes. Being a people person, being liked and accepted, having friends - these traits can make a lot of difference in where you see your life going in the future.

Top 15 Ways to Be the Cool Kid in School

Knowing how to be popular in school may come naturally to some, but others would probably need to develop certain traits. So here is our list of the top 15 ways to be the cool kid in school.

Find Your Type

Even if you try, you can’t be anything that you want to be. You will have to find a type of person that you are close to. Find a niche that you can relate yourself to the most - are you an athlete, a musician, a drama enthusiast, a poet, a nerd? Don’t try and be someone who doesn’t remotely resemble your personality type, because that would not be honest.


Be Proud

Whoever you are, you should be proud of your unique trait. If you are the jock, be happy with that; if you are the nerd, then be proud of that too. That's you, and there shouldn't be any mixed feelings about yourself.


Be Attractive

It’s not that you have to look like Brad Pitt as long as you make yourself attractive and acceptable. But no one likes those who clearly don't take care of themselves, i.e. unclean, unkempt and careless. Cleanliness is important, as is the basic sense of grooming.


Clothes Are Important

You have to face it: kids these days are vain to some extent. Clothes are important to them. If you want to know how to be popular in school, you need to know the importance of proper attire. Wearing something outdated and ridiculous would lose you points, so always look for what's age- and time-appropriate.


Say No to Acne

This one doesn’t require any elaboration. Acne is a big no-no, that can't be emphasized enough. So try your best to get rid of it.


Don't Fake It

There's nothing more unattractive than people who fake it to fit in. Even if you are very, very good, others will get a hold of it sooner or later, and that will definitely be the end of your popularity.


Be Nice

Under no circumstances should anyone be mean, vile or nasty to another person - that is definitely not a choice if you are trying to figure out how to be popular in school. Being unpleasant will not make you popular; if it does, then it would be with people you should keep away from.


Don't Show Off

Showing off something that you have - talents, wealth, possessions or skills - will have other people seriously doubt your self-esteem. If there's something worthy about it, let time expose it to your peers, not you.


Be Positive

Don't whine and complain all the time - it's not a desirable trait in people. Even in face of adversaries, be positive and full of hope; this is something others naturally respond to.


Be Worthy of Time

If you want to understand how to be popular in school, make everything that comes out of your mouth worth listening to and important. Don’t just go on talking because you have to and annoy others with junk; try to make your words meaningful so that what you say genuinely interests everyone.


Learn to Stand Tall

There would be some occasions when you might need to stand up for yourself - for what you believe in, and for who you are. If you are not confident enough to do so, trust me, no one would want to stick around with you.


Be Up-To-Date

Don’t just go on talking about what interests you and only you but about what's happening around you. Be knowledgeable about the world and everything in it so that you always have something to talk about with others.


Learn to Care

You cannot always be too popular to care about what's happening with others around you. Having a keen and active interest in other people's lives will make you a better friend and a better person, always!


Have the Right Attitude

The right attitude will take you a long way, trust me! Your attitude says a lot about you - how you are as a person, what you feel about others, and what makes you you. Don't just go with society's flow to portray what you are not; don't be a jerk because you are playing the part. Be true to who you are, and let your attitude convey your message to your friends and peers.



The power of a smile is infinite; there is so much that you can say with the right smile, at the right time, with the right amount of sincerity. Don’t forget to give everyone a smile, even if it is someone you are not too fond of, because everyone deserves one to brighten up their day. A smile makes you a nicer person, someone approachable and welcoming, someone who would be worth knowing and hanging around.


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