During the early days, asking someone out for a date is only done by men. It’s like only men have the right and privilege to date the woman they admire; on the other hand, a woman asking a man out is contrary to traditional belief and it gives the woman an image of being a “flirt” or worst a “slut”. This was how conservative our grandmothers and grandfathers were. But as modernization entered our lives, everything has changed. Today, asking a man out, if done in the right way, is hot. This article will give you ten tips on how to ask your dream guy out for a date without looking like a die-hard fan.

How to Ask a Guy Out


Buy extra tickets

Buy two tickets of a concert or a movie which you know the guy is truly interested in. Then, casually mention to the guy that you have an extra ticket for this movie or concert because your friend suddenly cannot go with you, and ask if he would like to come. This way, you are not pressuring the guy to come with you. Make sure that you are not too obvious in asking him out but also not too vague that he doesn’t know he is coming as a date.


Go out with other couples

You may also subtly ask him out by telling him that you and your friends are watching a movie, going on a picnic or having dinner. Ask him if he would like to join you. By being in a group, both of you will feel less pressure unlike if you go out with just the two of you. Make sure to avoid awkward situations by letting the guy know that it is a group date and not just a mix of males and females hanging out.


Do guy activities that you love

Know what are the activities that the guy loves doing, then choose among those activities that is appealing to you. It can be biking, hiking, watching a band on a local bar or even surfing and then ask him if he would like to join you. This can be a way to know him better and spend time with each other. How to ask a guy out? Being real is very important. Do not pretend that you love doing certain things just because the guy loves doing them. You don’t want to end up going on a hike every weekends just because the guy thinks you enjoy doing it.


Take his jacket

Now, this one is cute but you need to be careful because you might just end up pissing the guy off. Do this if you are confident enough that the guy will take your bait. If he usually leaves his jacket on his office chair, take it and leave a small note on his table saying, “If you want your jacket back, you need to go out on a date with me.”


Use colored balloons

This is another cute way to ask the man of your dreams out. Simply send him balloons of different colors except the color blue. Then, attach a note which says, “Do you want to go out on a date with me? If yes, send me a red balloon; if no, send me the blue balloon.”


Attach a note in his book

If your guy loves reading books or magazines, use it to solve your “how to ask a guy out” dilemma. Place a scented paper in the guy’s book. On the paper, write a short autobiography, and at the last part, write in bold letters saying “(Insert your name) is wondering if you would like to go out on a date with her.”


Prepare mentally

Aside from thinking about strategies on how to ask your dream guy out, it is also important to prepare yourself mentally because this is where you will get your motivation. You need to build your confidence in order to ask him out and be prepared enough for his reply no matter it is a yes or a no. Be positive, try your best and always stay calm.


Choose the right time and place

Asking him out at the right time and place is very important because if not, he might get overwhelmed and instantly say no. Ask him in a place that is common to both of you so that it will look like you just bumped into him. Avoid calling him or sending him messages directly and abruptly because it will give him the impression that you are aggressive.

Also avoid asking him out in front of other people, because this will only pressure him. You may ask him out by talking in a low voice so that not everyone can hear you or gently pull him from the crowd without others noticing it.


Have a plan of your date

Even before asking him out, you should have a plan about what to do on your date and where you will have your date. Make sure it is an activity he is interested in or a place where he can be comfortable. Your goal is to know each other better and to make him think that both of you will get along well.


Flirt a little

Here comes the last tip on how to ask a guy out. This trick will allow you to send him the message that you like him without talking so much. Do this by making eye contact and simple touches. But do not overdo this because you might give him the wrong signal, making him think of you as a promiscuous woman which will make him avoid you.


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